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A selection of Miza from various times in Mizahar.

While Mizahar relies heavily on bartering, each location has its own set of currency. Traders, however, have developed a means of traveling with magic infused gems that are lightweight and serve as universal money in whatever region they happen to be journeying through. These 'Mizas' are rare to come by, but good in any region throughout Mizahar. There is an extensive Price List available for people to browse to get a fairly good idea of what things cost around Mizahar and what the value of these coins are. Miza's themselves are made from various gemstones according to what season it is, availability, and if they are being minted in honor of an occasion. A person with a fist full of miza might actually have a colorful handful of rimmed stones.

Various Currencies and Their Locations

  • Miza - Universal gem coins found throughout Mizahar (plural Mizas)
    • 1 gold rimmed = 10 silver rimmed or 100 copper edged.(1 gm= 10sm, 1 sm= 10 cm)
    • Minted in Syliras
  • Bikka - Bone coins from Falyndar's City of Taloba (plural Bikka)
    • 1 bikka = 3 gold mizas.
    • Created in Taloba.
    • Exceedingly rare to find them outside of Falyndar.
  • Ashl - Black coins from Falyndar's City of Black Rock (plural Ashl)
    • 1 ashl = 3 gold mizas.
    • Created in Black Rock.
    • Cannot be taken off of the island.
  • Pinion - Glass, feather shaped Currency (plural Pinions)
  • Kina - Garnet gem coins from the City of Lhavit (Plural Kina)
    • 1 kina = 1 gold rimmed Miza
    • 1 topaz kina = 1 silver rimmed Miza
    • 1 jade kina = 1 copper rimmed Miza
    • Created in Lhavit
    • Extremely rare to find outside of Lhavit.
  • Laat - Gold coins from the City of Nyka (Plural laats)
    • 1 laat = 1 gold rimmed Miza
    • Created in Nyka
    • Extremely rare to find outside of Nyka.
  • Nilo - Scrap metal coins from the City of Zeltiva (Plural Nilo)
    • 1 Nilo = 1 gold rimmed Miza
    • 1 Half-Nilo = 5 silver rimmed Miza
    • Created in Zeltiva
    • Rare to find outside of Zeltiva, except amongst travelling sailors and merchants.