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Muti L'ninea

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Muti L'ninea
Date of birth468 AV (aged 55)
Place of birthMura
TitleClerk at White Isle Harbor
Sail Rigging25
Gnosis marks

Muti is a pretty girl at the edge of blossoming into a beautiful woman. Stunning sea-green eyes and a heart-shaped face are framed by pale blond hair falling just past her chin. The harbor is far more than her workplace, and not only because she lives at a small chamber in the director’s house. Additionally to her job as clerk she is eager to learn as much as possible—to make her dream of being captain of the ‘Swan’ come true one day. Since she can foretell the weather she believes that her chances are quite good. At her free hours she can be seen roaming the docks, talking to sailors and helping wherever she can. She is the good soul of the harbor and everyone knows and likes her. However, it is an open secret that she doesn’t get along well with her elder sister Merit L'ninea who is the owner of Waterfall Fabrics.


Muti's Appearances
heightNothing Shall Ever Stay The SameMuti accompanies Kamalia Timandre on a quest to Silver Lake.