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Merit L'ninea

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Merit L'ninea
Date of birth434 AV (aged 89)
Place of birthMura
TitleOwner of Waterfall Fabrics
Gnosis marks

Merit is a fairly attractive woman, yet not as pretty as her younger sister Muti L'ninea. She possesses intelligent green eyes and a rather stocky figure. From earliest childhood on she was the quiet and intelligent kid every mother is proud of. The only dark aspect about her childhood was the regular arguments with the rebellious and far more popular Muti. However, she soon discovered her passion for crafting individual clothing for every customer. A natural talent for magic, especially Auristics, made it easy to recognize a person's unique likes and dislikes. When reaching maturity, she travelled to Syliras to study the different styles of local fashion. However, after a few years of apprenticeship she returned to Mura and opened her own shop. She is as dedicated to her passion as ever, hardly visits her family and only thinks about the next design, the next piece. She currently works on a new clothing style collection for Konti women.