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True Devotion
TitleLady Naveisha
Divine rank4
SymbolsTwo Triangles Woven Together

Neveisha is the Alvina of Devotion, daughter to Yahal, God of Faith and Purity.

It is an often accepted belief that Yahal, God of Faith and Purity, supports unwavering celibacy among his followers. While indeed celibacy can help combat corruption and the onset of impurity in one's mind, body and soul, it also limits the context of one's own faith and purity. The fact that Yahal has a daughter represents an entirely different outlook for his followers and as such, some of the more conservative of his faith choose not to acknowledge or at the very least, play down a bit.

In ages past, long before the Valterrian, Yahal observed among his monks an interesting dilemma. All of the monks practiced celibacy with the understanding that sex and intimacy opened one up to potential corruption of thought and body. It allowed carnal thoughts and desires to blind a person to the underlying feelings of lust, desire, jealousy and faithlessness. While Yahal allowed such a perception to exist, he also observed others in the world who allowed such feelings into their hearts. While many succumbed to these negative aspects of life that allowed sex and intimacy, there were those who were emboldened and strengthened by their ties to their partner. Great displays of faithfulness and a pure heart were evident among these individuals.

Although Yahal was a god and there were few limits upon him, he had never experienced what it was like to love another in the way mortals do. This created conflict for him in that how could he, Yahal, a god who epitomized purity and faith, truly exemplify such concepts if he had never experienced life as a mortal does. With this in mind, Yahal decided to do just that. Reaching into his own heart, Yahal pulled forth a piece of it and blessed it with a life of its own. A mortal created from his own divine soul, Yahal granted the new life a sense of free will while instilling in it the qualities the god held most dear. He gave the mortal life the name of Ny'han and sent the man into the mortal world. There, the man would experience all the joy, love, sadness and loss any other mortal would. In turn, Yahal would be able to feel these experiences without fear of blemishing his own existence.

Ny'han was sent to the mortal world where he lived and worked alongside other mortals. While living that life, he met a woman named Sarah. Through Ny'han, Yahal experienced a first crush followed by love. He felt everything a mortal man would feel upon a first kiss as well as the first time making love with a woman. As Ny'han and Sarah's relationship grew and they married, Yahal was there to live it as well. While there was still instances of little white lies, tests of trust and faith, Ny'han and Sarah's devotion to one another held true. The two lived a long, happy life which included the birth of a daughter, Neveisha. As Ny'han was a mortal representation of Yahal, he carried the god's essence within him. Neveisha in turn inherited this divinity. As she grew from child to adult, Neveisha displayed unwavering devotion to her family, friends and even ideas and desires. Such devotion only grew as she aged. Eventually, as all mortals do, Sarah died of old age followed soon after by Ny'han. As Ny'han lay upon his deathbed, his daughter at his side, Yahal made his presence known. He revealed the truth to his daughter and opened her eyes to who she really was. With unending honesty, Yahal explained to Neveisha what he had done. He told her about how he wanted to know what it was to live a mortal life with all its greatness and tragedy. He told her that she was the symbol of the devotion her parents held for one another. Naveisha, her love never fading for her father, accepted him no more and no less than Ny'han as she saw them to be both one and the same. With her father's blessings she began her work to support and nurture devotion among the people's of Mizahar. For centuries now she has tried to do just that.


Appearance and Personality

A beautiful woman with radiant blonde hair and bright blue eyes, Naveisha clothes herself in a white silk robe that never wears or tears and always maintains its pristine condition. When necessary, a pair of feathery white wings emerge from her back and grant flight. Her beauty is matched only by her extreme devotion. Naveisha is devoted to those who themselves are not just pure and faithful but who display great levels of devotion.

Those who have met Naveisha describe a woman who is very soft spoken. Though far from shy, Naveisha is kind and non-threatening. She has a unique ability to bring out the best in those around her and people find themselves feeling very close to her. Some say that they would have done anything for her if she but asked.


Anyone who displays devotion to a person or an idea will find Naveisha's favor. The person's motives must be pure however and without malice. Those who worship her do so through great acts of devotion. In turn, Naveisha may grant her followers a golden armband baring the symbol of two triangles woven together. These armbands allow the worshiper to perform a single act with a greater chance of success when doing so in the name of devotion; an act that would otherwise fail outright. For example, if a person discovers their wife or husband barely hanging on to a tree branch while trying to keep from falling over a cliff, they may use their armband to empower them with a single moment of great strength to reach down and pull their partner free from harm. This power of the armband can only be called upon three times before it can no longer be activated. This is because Naveisha prefers that a person's devotion is strong enough on its own to prevent catastrophe.


Naveisha is attracted to great displays and symbols of devotion. When prayed to for strength of devotion, Naveisha may sometimes appear in a gentle ring of light where she will then converse with the individual in hopes of learning more of their devotion. She most often wanders various cities, living among the people and learning their ways just as her father did so long ago.


Some mortals do strike Naveisha's fancy enough that she does have a few Araka. Said mortals are followers who display intense devotion to her of their own free will. These men perform great deeds of kindness and good in her name and she returns that devotion to them. Her children all display great depths of kindness and go out of their way to serve the people and causes they are devoted to. They most often possess a pristine beauty and find it easier to become accepted into different societies and cultures than other outsiders may. Most usually act as advisers although there are some who have even become bodyguards, wholly devoted to those they have sworn to protect.


Naveisha and Yahal are quite close, often working together to drive away corruption and evil among the people of Mizahar. She is also close to Cheva, Goddess of Love as well as Syna, Goddess of Light. Of course Rhysol and his followers are her most hated enemies as they twist and corrupt the idea of devotion and turn it into a means to enslave.