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TitleGod of Cats
Divine rank4
SymbolsCat's Eye
Worshipped inTaloba, Mizahar

One of Caiyha's many children, Navre is the god of cats. He has been around since well before the Valterrian, lurking throughout Mizahar, appearing here and there. One of the primary deities worshiped by the Myrians, Navre was very close to being pushed beyond the ranks of the Alvina before the Valterrian struck, but one day hopes to ascend to a new rank. He is quite close to his mother, and has been rumoured to have had more than a passing relationship with Myri, to whom he granted the first Myrian Tigers. He has a rather mutual dislike of his half-sister, Siku, and certainly isn't above leaving some wily cats around to take care of a couple of snakes...or doing the deed himself.

Navre is often seen to have a somewhat detached personality, much as his beloved cats are reputed to possess. Smart and cunning, he can be quite passionate and has more than his share of ferociousness, particularly on the Hunt.

Navre does not offer a Gnosis gift, but on more than one occasion has been known to gift one of his prized cats to his more loyal followers. The closest thing that Navre has to a devoted cult are the Myrians who have bonded with a massive Myrian Tiger, and he is honored for his gifts to them with an annual festival. He is also well-known to farmers, for having left behind a gift or two to help protect the crops and harvest from vermin.