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Neena Snowsong

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Neena Snowsong

Little Storyteller
Date of birth506 AV (aged 17)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleChild of Snowsong
Gnosis marks


Neena stands at about two feet and three inches tall. She weighs 40 pounds, and has almond colored skin. Her slender almond-shaped eyes, tend to be a dark brown color, with the occasional deep blue and green flec. Her face is rather round, not entirely devoid of baby fat. It is framed by long straight black hair, that tumbles down towards the center of her back. Hidden beneath the black, closest to the neck, are streaks of bright pink and purple; although they may only be seen when Neena wears her hair up. Her eyes are among one of the most delicate of her features, although, the girl also sports a rather small nose, and slender pink lips. The rest of Neena's body is much the same; thin, with the exception of a relatively round belly. However, since she is still growing, her body appears rather disproportionate and awkward to those who look at her.


Neena is a rather bubbly girl who may almost always be seen smiling, and doing her best to make others smile. She enjoys going out and dancing through the city of Avanthal, and generally, spending her entire day playing, and sharing her "talents" with anyone who will watch and/or listen. She is a rather easy person to get along with, although she isn't always the best listener, or one to ask when you need directions.


Neena was born into the Snowsong hold in 506 AV. Her mother, having been separated from her father, was left to care for her, and her older sister Bora Snowsong. However, because her mother died shortly after childbirth due to several complications that arose during and after the birthing process, Bora was forced to care for her new sister, on her own. At first, she had help from several of the Whitevines, due to the fact that the baby seemed as sick as her mother, and wasn't expected to survive. The Whitevines, however, refused to give up hope on the baby, and miraculously, her fever disappeared after several days, as did the strange rash that had once covered her body.

By the time young Neena had gotten better, the Whitevines had seemingly forgotten about her, and left the baby and her older sister alone to fend for themselves. Bora, not truly knowing what to do, sought the help of those in her own Hold. Luckily for her, a member of her Hold had recently given birth but lost her child; and was willing to offer Neena her own milk, and help care for her until she was old enough to eat other things. When Neena turned two, the woman died of unknown causes, once again leaving Neena and Bora alone.

As each grew older, Bora grew more and more protective, worried that she may lose her sister just like she had lost her mother and her father. Thus, she got to the point where she didn't so much as want to let her sister outside, for fear that she would get lost, or eaten by one of the more ferocious or territorial animals. Bora's over-protectiveness has caused Neena to grow all the more resourceful, for she does not like to be cooped up inside the Hold where there is no one to play with, and people to watch her. Thus, as soon as Bora has turned her back, and the coast is clear, Neena tends to find a way to sneak outside, so that she may have more fun with all the people of Avanthal.