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Bora Snowsong

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Bora Snowsong

Dancing Storyteller
Date of birth487 AV (aged 36)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleStoryteller of Snowsong
Gnosis marks


Bora stands at about five feet and four inches tall. She weighs 125 pounds and has peach-colored skin with almond-colored undertones. Her slender, almond-shaped eyes tend to be a bright blue color, lined with a slender rim of violet. Her face is somewhat round, with high cheekbones. It is framed by thick, straight, dark brown hair with the occasional bright red or deep purple streak. Her hair falls just below her shoulders and is often braided in certain sections, and tied up in a loose bun or ponytail. Oftentimes, it is also adorned with several beads, ribbons, and the occasional jewel. Her nose seems to jump out of the center of her face, while her pale pink lips sink into it. Were it not for the silver ring that adorns its center, her mouth may not be noticed at all.

Bora is relatively curvy, and she accentuates this feature by wearing corsets over her shirts, and other more form-fitting clothing, should she be inside. If she is going out, she will wear several furs that match the beads and things that she wears in her hair. She has arms of an average length and width, seemingly proportionate to her body in every which way and form, although she has tiny hands, each fit with five short, slender fingers. Her legs are rather long, taking up a few more inches than her torso. To most, she appears somewhat younger than her age, no older than 22.


Bora is slightly more reserved than her younger sister Neena Snowsong, having lost her childhood innocence and curiosity long ago. However, this does not keep her from getting close to people, once she finally gets to knowing them, and figuring out what it is that they are all about. She enjoys going out and dancing and storytelling throughout Avanthal at the bar, and other local attractions, and generally, spending her entire day sharing her talents with anyone who wishes to take part in them. However, as much as she loves to tell stories, she also loves to hear them, and should someone know a story that she does not, she is quick to zip her lip and take in all the information that person has to offer, with the sole exception that she detests stories filled with excessive violence and cruelty. Generally speaking, she is a rather easy person to get along with and proves to be a far better listener than her sister, as well as quite the help when you need to ask for directions; or any other sort of information regarding the winter wonderland known as Avanthal.


Bora was born into the Snowsong hold in 497 AV. Her mother, having been separated from her father, was left to care for her. Like most other Snowsongs, Bora was raised to love music. She was taught how to dance from a young age by her mother, and later, how to tell stories to go along with her movements. However, Bora never liked this, preferring her audience to have the chance to come up with their own interpretations for her many dances. Thus, she soon separated the two art forms, and made sure to practice her writing so that she may record all the stories she wanted to tell for later. That way, there was no way she could ever forget.

In 506 AV, Bora's little sister Neena was born. Their mother died shortly after childbirth due to several complications that arose during and after the birthing process. Thus, Bora was forced to care for her new sister, on her own. At first, she received help from several of the Whitevines, due to the fact that the baby seemed as sick as her mother and wasn't expected to survive. However, Neena eventually pulled through, leaving Bora with an infant she hardly knew how to care for. Therefore, she sought the help of those in her own Hold. Luckily for her, a member of her Hold had recently given birth but lost her child and was willing to offer Neena her own milk, and help care for her until she was old enough to eat other things. When Neena turned two, the woman died of unknown causes, once again leaving Neena and Bora alone.

As each grew older, Bora grew more and more protective, worried that she may lose her sister just like she had lost her mother and her father. Thus, she got to the point where she didn't so much as want to let her sister outside, for fear that she would get lost, or eaten by one of the more ferocious or territorial animals. Neena doesn't truly like this, but Bora doesn't really care; she just wants to do what she thinks is best for her sister, which means, leaving her home while she is off telling stories at the bar, or dancing for the patrons there; or in one of the other local places, such as the Warrens.