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Nevar Chivan

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Image:Scroll2.png Wise as the stone beneath our feet and inspiring as the might of the Suvan, Nevar Chivan is truly one of the great rulers of this era.
- Sidifi Taktian
Nevar Chivan
Date of birth355 AV (aged 168)
Place of birthRiverfall
TitleHead of the Council of Elders
Weaponry: Lakan50

Nevar Chivan is the head of the Council of Elders of Riverfall. Filling in the hereditary role with great skill, he has served for a large majority of his life and truly made great bounds in progressing Riverfall. However, now as his life wanes the accomplishments of the past are overshadowed by a single question: can he still produce an heir? Of all the council Nevar is the only one that has not openly produced children, and many speculate that he will none shall be revealed by the time he dies.


In his youth Nevar was tall and fit, standing at a 2.6 meters and weighing nearly three hundred pounds. Though he remained as such for a majority of his life, the ravages of time have taken their inevitable toll. He still stands straight, but his body has waned as the ticking of the clock has deteriorated his muscles. His skin tone is a glowing purplish azure, and his eyes are dark and intelligent. His hair has become lighter and coarser with age, and is worn short. In recent times, Nevar has developed a mild and persistent cough.


While few in living memory could accurately attest to Nevar in his youth, it is notable that the person who he was many years ago has been transformed into a stunning leader. While it is rarely necessary, Nevar Chivan is an unparalleled orator that is able to truly inspire the masses. He never seems to lose his calm while speaking, though the few that know him personally are aware of his great nervousness. Many of the mannerisms that others attribute to mindless habits are actually spawned from anxiety.

Nevar's other half is rarely seen, and none in the recent past could even recall seeing him. It is often speculated that the two have reached a state of unparalleled actualization and have essentially merged into the same entity.


Nevar Chivan was born and raised in Riverfall, and has led a surprisingly unextraordinary life for one of his status. The fact that the city has had no major tragedies and has actually had a population boost since he took the position of head councilor is a testament to his wise rule. At a young age for an elder, Nevar took the 11th seat on the Council of Elders. Being by far the youngest and most inexperienced Akalak, he struggled with his position for a long while. Between fighting his other half, learning to lead, and actually leading, Nevar became a puppet monarch for the first decade or so. Essentially he sang what the other councilors would tell him to, and return to his studies. He worked tirelessly with the other councilors to train himself to be fit for the role he had been thrust into, and slowly the city of Riverfall slid under his control.

The men who trained Nevar have long since died, replaced by a younger generation of elders. These Akalak know nothing of the younger Chivan who struggled with ruling, having only experienced the calm and conviction of the modern version. In general though the Head Councilor prefers to not discuss his past with others, generally guiding the conversation toward modern and relevant topics. As such, little is known about the details of his past.