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The Nigriso Family

The Nigriso Family is a subfaction of the First Wing Families within the Syliran Knights. They were founded by Lodaar Nigriso, the first member of the First Wing of the Dyre Brothers.



Lodaar Nigriso, called the Pure, was an extremely devout follower of Tyveth. In recognition of his faith, he took the Torch as his sign. This was to symbolize that his faith protected him from the dark intentions of others, and that Tyveth showed him the way when he was lost.


Lodaar Nigriso was a dishonorable, slanderous, selfish craven well into his thirties. A near-death experience, in combination with a vivid dream of Tyveth, transformed him utterly. From that day forth he worked to be truthful, forthright, valorous, and unquestionably honorable. He sought out the Dyres brothers and begged to join their Order, so that he might redeem himself of his egregious sins. He was over fifty by that point, but he had a twelve year old son, Norman, who become Gregor Brock’s squire, and continued the Nigriso line.


Norman Nigriso was equally as pious as his father, and raised all his children similarly. As a result nearly every member is a devout follower of Tyveth, and many of them bear his Gnosis mark. They have spread throughout both Quadrons of the Knights, but remain connected by their deep faith. Often they act as preachers, and minister their faith to those who value the noble act of seeking the truth.

Current High-Ranking Members

Well known contemporary Nigriso’s include Captain Knight Alexa Nigriso, and Stewart Knights Mayer Nigriso, Babylon Nigriso, Eldath Nigriso, and Donnys Nigriso.