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Image:Scroll2.png "In the darkness of eternal night, the endlessness of winter, in the weighted world of the land below - Nikali and her priests and priestesses are the only light that glimmers in the darkness in these trying times. And yet, even then, she and her kin were completely misunderstood."
- Sovaris, Chronicler of the The Aylasa Caves Settlement

Goddess of Slaves
DomainSlavery, Servants, Lust, Pleasure, and Addiction
Divine rank3
SymbolsRed chains highly stylized.
Worshipped inThroughout Mizahar

Nikali is the Goddess of servants, slavery, lust, pleasure and addiction. Younger and darker twin to the Goddess of love and marriage, Cheva, Nikali is perhaps one of the most misunderstood deities in the entire Miazharian pantheon. Gentle and giving when necessary, brutal and ruthless when required, Nikali serves a very important purpose, within numerous dynamic roles. She uncovers darkness in culture and exposes it to the air, offering a critical glimpse into the convoluted nature of people and their needs. Nikali trades the unbending grueling world of slavery and lust for the generous rich world of knowledge and satisfaction. Her followers are among some of the most content on the planet, lost in their narrow worlds, enduring where there was to be no hope of survival, and even thriving in situations where no living thing should know success.


Nikali is a lovely perfectly formed human in appearance. She always has pale limbs, devoid of clothing, and wears a mask to protect her features. It is said the shape of her face changes as she speaks, and that reflected upon her face, though masked, are all the women currently alive in the world. Nikali is soft spoken, when she does utter a sound, which is rare. Her eyes, which are as vivid as any of her, tend to have mirrored pupils that reflect the viewers desires back at them.



Nikali's Appearances
heightSoothing Waters Bath House - A Little Bit Of Summer In SpringAppears to Jaeden.
heightOne Foot In The SeaAppears to Caelum.