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Oracle, the Assistant Storyteller for Zeltiva, joined the site staff in September of 2011. She has a quirky sense of humor which often will show itself in her threads and locations.


Oracle, also known as Elisabeth in the world of flesh, is a young and happening college student with a shining desire to be a linguistic anthropologist and not nearly enough time on her hands.

She resides in the middle of no where, otherwise known as Alabama, but is originally from a middle of no where town in Wisconsin. She has also spent a few years traveling with her family when she was younger and has lived in both Kentucky and Utah. So if you need to know what it is like to live through different kinds of natural disasters then look no further than this roving lass. She can tell you what it's like to live through blizzards, tornadoes, earthquakes and flash floods.

Mizahar is just one of her many addictions which she tries to keep control on but fails miserably. Other addictions include: Reading, Writing horrible short stories, Collecting books, Collecting strays, Playing RPG's (specifically the elder scroll games), smoking (trying to quite) and enjoying a good movie.

Vital Stats

  • Age: 22
  • Sex: Female
  • Nationality: American (Italian/French/German)
  • Location: Alabama, USA
  • Likes: Reading, Writing, Playing Video Games, Nature, Fall, Mythology, Linguistic Studies, Monty Python, Tim Burton, Almost Everything, Developing Regions
  • Dislikes: Writers Block, Jerks, Mushrooms, Olives, Idiots, Sloppy Writing, Closed Minded People