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Order of Radiance

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The Order of Radiance is the main cult of the goddess Priskil. The Order is loosely organized, with its headquarters located at the Zagaria Watchtower, in Taldera, but chapter houses in several Mizaharian cities. The Order is unique in that its activities are entirely voluntary and each member contributes according to their individual talents and availability. It is, in fact, closer to a circle of friends than a true religious cult.



Before the Valterrian, the goddess of light, Priskil, had never gathered a true following among mortals. She was perfectly content with residing in her lover Aquiras' realm, a pocket of space across the Watchtowers. In doing so, she paid no heed to what the other gods did, how they schemed and the way they used mortals to further their agenda. As such, when Sagallius stole the Heart of Aquiras and plunged the god into a deep coma, Priskil found herself in a world she barely knew, and did not understand at all.

Very little light shone in those dark years. It was obvious that Sagallius would be back for her, eager to steal one more heart and ascend to greater heights in the pantheon. Priskil had to turn to mortals, and surprisingly enough there were some of them who volunteered their help in this near-hopeless quest even without the promise of great rewards for their service. Over the years, Priskil realized that while each god had their own way of interacting with mortals, none of them had ever tried to put themselves on the same level as their subjects. Hers was a novel perspective, one that only a goddess so detached from the system could have come up with.

And so, Priskil made friends with the humble and the honest, with those willing to look past appearances. Those marked by her touch came to be known as the Order of Radiance. The goddess unearthed one of Aquiras' creation, a Watchtower he had built but hidden underground in ages past. His foresight gifted the Order with a secret Watchtower that does not show on any map. The Order calls that place home, and Priskil herself spends much time there when she can leave Aquiras' bedside and does not have to visit one of her followers elsewhere in the world.


The Order supports Priskil in every possible way. Recovering the heart of her lover is their foremost objective, but they will confront and vanquish any darkness they find along the way. Aside from Sagallius, their enemies include Rhysol and his associates as well as Uldr.

Much freedom is left to each member as to how they wish to pursue the Order's objectives. There are no orders passed down from above, no requirements, and no hard feelings for those who cannot commit themselves more than they do. In spite of the low pressure put on the members, the Order of Radiance is an incredibly dedicated group. The meetings of the Order, open to whoever can make it to the Zagaria Watchtower, are a sight to behold. Priskil sits alongside her marked around a table, and a stranger would be unable to tell the goddess from her followers. The yearly memorials dedicated to those who lost their lives in the pursuit of the light are touching events and help to build a sense of belonging and community.

Joining the Order

Receiving a mark from Priskil is equivalent to joining the Order, though participation in the Order's activities is not mandatory. Some marked decide to help Priskil in other, less social ways.


There are no ranks in the egalitarian Order of Radiance, but there are roles that some members take upon themselves.

  • First lights: senior members who act as trainers and mentors to newcomers
  • Lightcasters: information gatherers who keep track of the Order's intelligence
  • Lightbringers: members who preach in towns and cities and seek to expose the evils of Sagallius and the other dark gods
  • Torches: a nickname given to members who undertake especially dangerous tasks