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Image:Scroll2.png "You truly are a human trapped in a god's body, Aquiras, whereas I am a god trapped in a human body. Worry not - for we can correct that."
- Sagallius Hrinn

TitleThe Voyager
DomainTravel, doors
Divine rank3
GnosisTraversal (inactive)

Aquiras is an ancient god of travel and doors, and lover of the goddess of light and hope, Priskil. Best known for powering the teleportation system linking the Watchtowers, Aquiras was attacked during the Valterrian by the greatest Alahean wizard, Sagallius Hrinn. Sagallius overpowered the peaceful Aquiras, already weakened by the destructive waves of the Valterrian, ripped his chest open and stole his heart, which he later implanted into himself to attain godhood. Aquiras was left comatose and on the brink of death, from which he was saved only thanks to Priskil's courage. To this day, Aquiras' life is on the edge of the abyss, while Priskil protects him and looks for ways to restore his health -- of which there is only one... the demise of Sagallius himself.



Aquiras' body has lost most of its godly properties. Resting in the fold of dimensional space between Mizahar and the Void, Aquiras is a wounded giant with a large gaping hole in his chest. Only Priskil has access to this secret room, which she will protect with her very life.


Much like Priskil, Aquiras has always been sympathetic and open-minded towards mortals. Aquiras never believed in the "tit for tat" approach to worship that most gods live by; he believed that gods could make the lives of mortals happier, and mortals could make the gods happier by thriving with their gifts. He enchanted the Watchtower system and did so without any compensation other than the joy of getting people closer to one another. Aquiras believed that a life is judged by the journey even more so than the destination. Once people started to forget him and Priskil in favor of more ambitious and powerful gods, he accepted their decision and hoped it would be the right one. On his part, he was content with just being at Priskil's side for the rest of eternity.


Aquiras lacks any organized cults in the post-Valterrian world, mostly because he is not around to direct and inspire mortals. Priskil's main cult, the Order of Radiance, does remember Aquiras and fights through the centuries in hopes that they will one day be reunited. Aside from them, Aquiras is still worshipped by a small number of people, which has been theorized to be the reason keeping him alive despite the loss of his Heart. Most of these worshippers are Pycon, though there is the occasional Human as well as other races.


Much like the Watchtower system, which is barely operational in the aftermath of his defeat, Aquiras' Gnosis, called Traversal, still exists, but it is almost unheard of. This Gnosis should allow the user to navigate his way with ease without maps and always know his location no matter where he is. It still functions to a degree, but any Gnosis marks would be pale, almost faded. Moreover, Aquiras has not marked anyone since the Valterrian, so any Gnosis would have been granted over five hundred years ago. Clearly, no normal Human will be in possession of such Gnosis marks.