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TitleBear Goddess, Great Mother.
DomainBears and Parenthood
Divine rank4
SymbolsTwo bear paws
CultsThe Cult of Bears
Worshipped inThroughout Mizahar

One of the many children of Caiyha, Oriana is the goddess of bears and parenthood. A wandering goddess who claims no such den as hers beside the occasional cave in the forested woodlands, she usually travels alone but for a number of ursine companions. Dressed simply in the woodland colours of heather, green, and brown, Oriana appears to be quite young. Serene and balanced, she considers herself a guardian of both nature and of children. She is quite ferocious about the mistreatment of what she considers her charges, and like any mother bear, will furiously defend them. Many a poacher or abusive parent has been shocked to come face to face with an angry goddess.



Oriana rules over bears and parenthood. She is the patron saint of bears and, strangely enough, children as well as parents. Many druids worship her as a nature goddess as one of the children of Caiyha. She is sometimes prayed to along with Kihala and Tavasi to help with the conception of children and offer divine intervention for those unable to conceive.


Usually balanced and calm, her nature can become furious and savage beyond the bounds of imagination upon witnessing the mistreatment of her charges. Once she flies into a rage, she is nigh impossible to calm down, except for the intervention of a more powerful entity.


There is a massive bear that is always with the goddess, either beside her or close by. This is her consort, Kuma, an enormous bear whom she sometimes rides. Who, or what, he is is a closely guarded secret. Some say he was a mortal lover that he was her Champion who eventually became a bear at the end of his natural life. Some say he was a lesser god who wronged Caiyha, and was turned into a bear for it. But whether those are rumours or truth... only Oriana knows.

In addition to the witches who also worship her in a lesser role, there is a group who call themselves the Cult of Bears, and is dedicated to Oriana and her ideals of nature and family.


Oriana's Appearances
heightNecessity's HomeAppears to Sama'el.