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Black as pitch


Background and History

600 years ago, there lived a woman named Mia Kine, one of Akajia’s Nightstalkers. Through her service to the Endless Shadow, Mia had become uniquely attuned to communicating with and manipulating shadows above and beyond other Nightstalkers. It is said that from the shadows, she learned fragments of a secret so great that the desire to learn more drove her over the edge. She spent years growing ever closer to the darkness in search of the secret. The closer she became with the shadows, the more they changed her. She shied away from bright light and avoided heat. Her skin grayed and eventually became black. Slowly she became more shadow than human. Her quest to discover all that she could of the secret led her to a place that was so old, the term ancient didn’t quite quantify it.

Drawn to a particularly unassuming ruin, Mia entered. Some time later, for a reason only Akajia knows, a trio of Nightstalkers were sent to the ruin to find Mia. As they approached the entrance to the ruin, they peered into the darkness within. It is not known what they saw but a few years later, a group of explorers stumbled upon the site; the ruin gone. They found three skeletons laid out around the shape of a human burned into the ground. While the ground looked burned, it had obviously been years since whatever happened, happened. Nothing grew in the spot and it actually felt abnormally cold to the touch.

The front of the skeletons were also blackened in a similar manner, cold to the touch, bits of blackened flesh still stuck to the bones. While there were no personal items found on the skeletons, on the ground next to the strange human-shaped mark was a dagger. The dagger was blacker than black and seemed to absorb ambient light around it. Cool to the touch, the blade was curved on one edge, the other serrated. When held, it appeared as though trails of darkness emanated from its surface like smoke. Whatever happened to the dagger after the explorers found it is unknown however it was noted, at some point in some recorded history somewhere that the explorers, one by one, went mad; claiming that they had discovered a horrific secret only to die in what was believed to be some sort of fire; only their partially blackened bones remained.

Appearance and Abilities

This dagger has a curved blade roughly 12 inches with one edge being serrated. It feels cold to the touch and seems to absorb ambient light so that the space immediately surrounding it appears darker than it should. Shadowy trails of darkness lick their way off the blade like trails of smoke. Over time, the hand of the wielder will develop grayish veins which eventually become darker, almost black. Pitch is most effective when used against someone who is actively keeping information from the wielder.

Pitch has a minor secondary ability, if the wielder wishes it, of being able to remain undetected, if on the wielder’s person.

Shortly after being found by Kelski, it developed a poisonous trait where the weapon’s attack surface becomes coated in an irritating poison that causes dizziness.

Last Known Location

Pitch was discovered by Kelski, a Kelvic sea eagle jeweler and mage, on the 20th of Summer 518 AV and has remained in her possession since.


heightA Skill Challenge WeekendGillar awards the challenge winners.
heightUndiscovered SecretsKelski acquires Pitch.
heightWeapons of Legend ChallengeReward in which Pitch gains its poisonous trait.