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Pitrius Clan

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Pitrius Clan

Pitrius Clan: Secrets Aplenty
Height5' both male and female
WeightMales: 200-250lbs, Females: 150-200lbs
Lifespan200 years
Major featuresPale blue skin veined in silver, black, metallic/onyx arms
AbilitiesNightvision, dense flesh and bone, innate crafting ability
PopulationAround 1,500
Most common inPrimarily in the mountains of Kalea, Pitrius Clan Citadel
ReputationSecretive, vindictive, knowledge hungry
Racial godsIzurdin, God of Strength, Patience and Industry

The Pitrius clan is perhaps the smallest of the remaining Isurian clans. They are however the most skilled in the manipulation and use of Djed which in the Council of Five, more than makes up for their lack of size and overall influence. Their members are often found as advisors or scholars and it is in the Pitrius citadel where the Silver Tower is located. Built through the manipulation of Djed, the tower walls are made of pure silver. It is here where Isur come to learn the secrets of Djed beyond simple enchantments. Few outside the clan are accepted for training at the Tower as they work hard to maintain this symbol of clan power.



The Pitrius clan was founded ages ago by Lord Typhon Vinzentis Pitrius, a member of the first generation of Isur and a master Reimancer. With Reimancy, Typhon was also a student of many forms of djed manipulation. His desire for magical knowledge is said to be what drove him to delve into deeper, more forbidden arts. What secret knowledge Typhon had ultimately acquired has been lost long before the Valterrian yet his influence was nonetheless profound. His drive, passion and hunger for knowledge is what has shaped the whole of what the Pitrius clan has become.

Before the Valterrian, the Pitrius clan was the center of magical knowledge in the Kingdom. They were also quite secretive in their teachings of such knowledge and very selective of who they taught. Few, if any outside the clan were allowed access to their magical resources and there wasn't an official school or training facility established. Training was usually bought or otherwise bartered for with secrets, favors and knowledge being exchanged for specialized instruction in a number of different disciplines.

Politically, the Pitrius Isur have always been adept at working behind the scenes. Their own clan government was always filled with traded deals, bribery, extortion and even assassinations. This carried over to other clans in the Kingdom with Pitrius clan members contracting themselves out to politicians of other clans for their particularly distasteful services. Pitrius clan is rumored to have been involved and somehow responsible for a number of great political upheavals within the Kingdom for many centuries.

During the upheaval caused by the Valterrian, clan Pitrius came together in a never before and never again seen moment of solidarity and exercised their combined magical might to stave off the destruction of the Isurian Kingdom long enough for thousands from all clans to escape. This effort did not go without consequences. The majority of Pitrius' greatest masters of magic were consumed by the Valterrian and their own magical energies. Only a handful remained to help guide their clan to safety. When they found solace in the mountains of Kalea and began reestablishing themselves with the construction of Pitrius Citadel, the clan returned to the shadows. While maintaining some ties with the other clans, primarily through the Council of Five, the majority of the clan kept to themselves. In an attempt to save what magical knowledge they had rescued from the old kingdom, the remaining masters came together one last time to create the Silver Tower. Shaped from a single vein of silver ore, the tower stands as a symbol of mystery and magical might, or at least what is left of it.

Vital Statistics

Physical Appearance

Like the rest of their race, Pitrius Isur tend to be rather short, tallest of five feet. They are very fit with a muscular build that makes them more imposing that their height would otherwise dictate. Males weigh between 200 and 250 pounds with females weighing between 150 to 200 pounds. Their skin is very skin as is their bones making them heavier than their stature would otherwise dictate. Their skin carries a slight blue tint with raised silver veins running across it. Like all Isur, those of the Pitrius clan keep their hair short and those with longer hair almost always tie it back.

The Pitrius arm, left for males, right for females, is denser in skin and bone than the rest of their body and is colored black; appearing as onyx stone or metal streaked with silver veins, these arms are divine in origin as they are in themselves, the first gnosis mark of Izurdin. Dense enough and baring an iron grip, their hand and arm is capable of shaping metal and carving stone and wood. Like other Isur, when faced with physical combat, Pitrius Isur often use their arms as shields in combat and have been known to grab bare blades without suffering harm. This is seen as somewhat distasteful to many Pitrius Isur who try to avoid direct conflict; preferring to eliminate an enemy from a distance. Enemies of a Pitrius Isur can expect to be destroyed in more creative ways suited to the target. Political/economical ruination, poisoning, kidnapping and torture, assassination and magical onslaughts of all kinds are typical.

Traits, Outlook and Values, Etc.

While sharing traits common to all Isur, those of the Pitrius clan are more considered to be, both by others and themselves, to oftentimes be secretive, underhanded and even sadistic. When it comes to loyalty, Pitrius clan members are by and large, concerned only with the well being of themselves, their family, their clan and the Kingdom in that order. Their hunger for forbidden knowledge is topped only by that of the undead of Sahova. It is this quest for knowledge that often leads many Pitrius members out of Sultros Kingdom and out into the wilds.

Members of the Pitrius clan have an extremely overinflated sense of superiority. They believe they are the best at everything. When they aren't the best, they compensate for this by using those who are. The Pitrius clan is notorious for blackmailing, extorting, intimidating and deceiving others to do the things they can't or don't want to do. Pitrius Isur will do whatever it takes to get what they want, often regardless of the cost to themselves or others.

Pitrius clan maintain a powerful voice on the Council of Five due to their mastery of the magical arts. None dare challenge them or threaten them outwardly else risk Lord Pitrius' wrath. The current Lord Pitrius, Lord Vlados Slythe Pitrius, is a quiet man who listens to everything that is said around him and responds from the point of view of a predator looking for the right moment to strike down its prey.

The Pitrius clan delves in pretty much any type of magic although some more than others. Alchemy, Glyphing, Magecraft, Malediction, Leeching, Auristics and Voiding are the primary disciplines with the others taught to a lesser degree. The number of masters at the Silver Tower however are few. Most of the instructors are Expert level in their primary disciplines with a handful holding Mastery including the Tower Master. They do indeed frown on outsiders but do accept those they view as having natural talent in various areas. These individuals must work hard to prove themselves in the eyes of their instructors and peers. With each other, Sentinels of the Silver Tower as well as "normal" members of clan Pitrius, interact with one-another in a way that says, what can this person do for me? What do I get out of the deal? Can this person be of some use to me now or at a later date? One's superior, especially at the Tower, is to be feared and/or respected. They are to be obeyed and disobedience is strictly dealt with. Of course subterfuge, underhandedness, dishonesty and betrayal is commonplace and frowned upon if one is caught while praise, power and influence is given to those who excel at it. Magic used varies with the individual however some families within the clan may show an aptitude for one discipline over another. The Silver Tower also offers training and apprenticeship in non-magical disciplines such as Poisons, Interrogation, Intelligence, Philtering as well as expecting all students to maintain their physical conditioning through strenuous workouts.

While Pitrius Isur are just as devoted to Izurdin as their brethren, they allow room for other deities in their lives. Though no Pitrius Isur would admit it outwardly to anyone, many carry marks of Rhysol, Krysus, Sagallius and Vaht. These marks usually never progress beyond Favored. While possession of these marks is not considered blasphemy by most Pitrius Isur, such things would surely bring down the wrath of the Vizerian Clan if discovered.

Among Pitrius clan society, the Sentinels of the Silver Tower are the most feared and respected members of the clan. They hold positions of power and influence within the clan and even the lowest ranked apprentices cause a stir in a crowd with their presence.