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Professor Stonemiller

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Professor Stonemiller

Professor Stonemiller
Date of birth446 AV (aged 77)
Place of birthSunberth

Professor Stonemiller is the Head of the Magic Department in the University of Zeltiva, overseeing much of the operations of magical studies within the College of Djed. He is well respected within the academic community and his unyielding stressing of safety first in the magical program has made him something of polar figure. Love him or hate him, none can deny he is very influential in how the University handles its magic.

Physical description

Stonemiller is a tall man, standing at about 6'1". His old face is marred by harsh wrinkles and severe scowls, never looking happy or anything other than annoyed for extended period. His grey hair is thinning in the front and is often pulled back into a tie at the back. His most defining feature are his steely grey eyes, ones that seem to take in one's worth at a glance.


The Professor is a very rigid man to speak to, his tone and mannerism curt and to the point. He carries a presence with him, one that affords him a great deal of respect. It is often said that his steely grey eyes can detect falsehoods and lies before they are spoken, indeed his Auristic abilities are why he is often vaulted as the most talented Wizard in Zeltiva. He will tolerate nothing that would threaten the students under his care, indeed more than one mad wizard's plot has been uprooted by him. When interacting with Nuit he tends to be even more short and blunt, almost to the point of rudeness. Old memories for him are not soon forgotten.


Professor Ignatius Stonemiller originally grew up in Sunberth, his father being one of the few magic users in the city. His whole childhood was spent learning one very important rule, don't get caught. He quickly latched onto his father's teachings, learning Auristics with amazing ease and even surpassing his father eventually. His hunger for magical knowledge however would be his downfall.

Tales reached his ears of Sahova, the Pre-Valterrian Citadel catching his interest and despite his father's insistence he left Sunberth for the Island of the Undead. Here he faced horrors, gazed upon both the greatest and worst magic could offer. He spent years on the island, growing increasingly skilled and knowledgeable in magic, but never moving beyond the rank of Apprentice. No one knows exactly who he was Apprenticed to, but whomever it was had left a lasting impact upon him.

Eventually he managed to escape Sahova and his journey landed him in Zeltiva where he took up a teaching position at the College of Djed. His years on Sahova had showed him the absolute worst that could come from magic, he vowed never to see it happen to students under his charge. His drive for enforcing safety above all in the University earned him the respect of the Board of Regents, elevating him to the Head of the Magic Department.