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Raiza Torrian

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Image:Scroll2.png "Those who go against Alvadas deserve the worst kind of death."
- Raiza Torrian, High Hand of the Silencers
Raiza Torrian
Date of birth470 AV (aged 50)
Place of birthAlvadas
TitleHigh Hand of the Silencers
Animal Husbandry44
Gnosis marks

Raiza works on behalf of the Triad, and for the good of Alvadas. He is part of the High Hands of the Silencers. One of five it’s quite evident how Raiza earned his place. Even outside the Silencers the man is a feared and well known poison crafter throughout Alvadas. Maybe his reputation spreads outside of the Illusion city, but what is known about him is disturbing at most. The man revels in the pain of others and is quite fond of toying with his prey before he kills them experimenting with his many different poisons on his targets.


Raiza wears the Silencers uniform just like anyone else in the guard. Azure clad he wears it as if it were armor, a badge stating how better he is than the scum he erases from Mizahar. Golden of hair, he keeps it cut short and proper, not a strand going below his ears. His face is chiseled, that of a cold-hearted murderer. It is clear in his demeanor that the burden of murder does not stain his soul, nor do the shackles of guilt bind him. His eyes are blue, and some say that they used to shine with a hopeful light, but now they have been darkened over the passing seasons. Their light has gone out much like the light of many others whose lives he has taken. He looks to be a dark man, and sometimes first impressions are correct. He is a dark man, but ever faithful to the Silencer cause.


There is a pride about him, but also a greedy lust for power. Even being among the High of the Silencers is not good enough for the man. No, he aims to be the Highest, a personal dog to the Triad itself. He doesn't like taking orders, but he sure loves giving them. This made it tricky for him to ascend through the ranks, but eventually, as Raiza would say, his talents were 'realized', and he was awarded for his service.


Vexarion is one of Raiz's new poisons, a fine white powdery substance that seems to cling to the air in a cloud. The poison is introduced to the person via inhalation, and works by attacking the nervous system of the ones poisoned by it. Vexarion is fast acting and when its introduced to the victim they seem to have a harder time collecting their thoughts causing confusion and disorientation to what is happening around him. A slight headache will develop along with a ringing in the ear. As the poison progresses and spreads throughout the body the victim become acutely aware of all the minor aches and pains. This hypersensitivity lasts about an hour before the effects wear off.