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Rakku Skyglow

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Rakku Skyglow

Child of Skyglow
Date of birth497 AV (aged 23)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleSon of Vannis
Musical Composition11
Gnosis marks

Physical Description

Rakku is quite short standing at about 5'5. His hair is dark and in the light one can see highlights of an almost scarlet red within his dark locks. His features are somewhat softer, making him look more like his mother than his father. While his eyes change color, at a calm point they are a dark mahogany. His skin is lightly tanned.

Rakku likes to dress nicely, although it is solely to impress Kenava Snowsong, daughter of Layota Snowsong, leader of the Snowsong Hold. He is rarely very emotive unless around his friends or Kenava, at which times he can be seen with a almost uncomfortable smile on his face. At rare times, he lets his smile through unrestrained, though.


Rakku is somewhat shy, though he was not always this way. This emotion came about from his guilt in having little interest in art. While not all Skyglow Vantha need to find a passion in art, they are encouraged to do so. The fact his father is the leader of Skyglow Hold only adds to this guilt. His true interest lies in music, although one may wonder if this is only because he likes Kenava so much.

Rakku feels very close with his mother Nekari Skyglow but not as much with his father, Vannis Skyglow. He often confides in his older brother Ray'ken Skyglow about this due to the fact that Ray'ken has a strained relationship with their father as well.

On his own, Rakku does not like to take a lot of chances or risks. If he ever does anything somewhat dangerous, it is from prodding by Kenava or his best friend Levin Frostfawn. If he was left to his own devices, he would just play his violin and draw. He was taught to play violin by Kenava and uses it as a way to be closer to her.


Rakku was born in the Summer of 497 AV to Vannis and Nekari Skyglow. He was raised as most Skyglow children, as an artist. While he never really found a strong liking in any particular form of art, he is skilled at painting, much like his mother. This fact allowed him to be a bit closer with his father than his older brother because there was nothing for the pair to compete over, but he still never felt particularly close to him.

Around the age of about twelve, Rakku met Kenava Skyglow. He came across her while walking through the market with some friends. While he claims it was love at first sight, most people close to him think it is nothing more than puppy love. Still, this did not stop the boy from trying to become friends with her. Their friendship was almost instantaneous after meeting and because of this Rakku, Kenava, and Levin are almost always found together.

After becoming friends with Kenava, Rakku tried to think of more ways to spend time with her, one being that he started to take violin lessons from her. This resulted in him often skipping out on times when he was supposed to be working on art so he could learn music from her.