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Ray'ken Skyglow

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Ray'ken Skyglow

Winter Artisan
Date of birth489 AV (aged 34)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleEldest Son of Vannis
Gnosis marks

Physical Description

Ray'ken is known for being one of the more handsome boys in Avanthal and he knows it. Standing at about 5'8 he is a little taller than average for a Vantha. It is not uncommon to see dark streaks of blue in his dark hair when the light hits it right. He tends to take a bit after his father Vannis Skyglow in the way that the two are both a bit tall and more on the skinnier side. He does not like to be compared to his father though. Ray'ken likes to keep his hair a bit on the longer side so it covers his ears when he is out in Morwen's cold. His eyes are almond shaped and tend to be a dark maroon color, although they tend to change due to his Vantha blood. His skin is tan but not as dark as most Vantha seem to be. More often than not Ray'ken can be found with a boyish grin on his face although it tends to fade a bit when he is working or around his father.


For the most part Ray'ken is whimsical and flirtatious. He loves to flirt with girls almost as much as he loves to work on art. Although he is skilled in painting and drawing his real calling lies in sculpting. The real driving factor of his love for carving is his father Vannis, the leader of Skyglow Hold. He wants to be better than his father more than anything. More so, he wants to live up to his great-grand father Pavic Skyglow's legacy of being the best sculptor of Avanthal. Pavic is long dead but the competition to be the best still lives strong in Ray'ken's heart. His father believes that Ray'ken will never be as good as him but little does he know that his son is quickly catching up to him.

Ray'ken has a very dedicated soul. One that, despite his father's constant downplay of his skills, refuses to be doused. It is not uncommon to see Ray'ken working for hours on end with almost perfectionist detail to his work. Even though he and his father do not see eye to eye he craves his father's approval. He wants to impress his father more than anything. The fact that Vannis ignores him only makes him want to impress him more and one day surpass him and become the leader of Skyglow Hold.

Outside of work, Ray'ken is quite calm. He is not big into fighting or hunting. He would much rather work on art or talk than show his worth through force. His father has tried to ship him off to join Icewatch multiple times to try and stop him from getting closer to his dream of becoming the leader of Skyglow. Ray'ken has inherited his father's stubbornness and much to Vannis' distain, his son does not have any plans to giving up his dream.


Ray'ken was born to Vannis and Nikari Skyglow in the Summer of 489 AV. From a young age he seemed to take to his mother's art of painting, or more so drawing. He would often spend time with his mother painting until his father shooed him away to learn carving, claiming it was a woman's art. Although Ray'ken loved painting, he took to carving even faster. He would spend hours working away at making shapes in wood and other materials that his father would give him. He was through and through, a model Skyglow.

In the autumn of 497 AV, Ray'ken's younger brother Rakku Skyglow was born. Ray'ken was proud of his new sibling and tried to teach him all that his parents had. His lessons in carving still continued with his father but soon Vannis no longer wanted to urge the boy to learn carving. He was skilled and clearly inherited the carving skills the Pavic just as Vannis had before him. He did not want Ray'ken to become better than him and so he began to shut him out.

The tension between Ray'ken and his father only worsened as he grew older. He only wanted to be close with his father. Vantha were a very family oriented people. Vannis had his own agendas though. Ray'ken began working alone on his carving, now promising himself he would become better than his father. It was not for revenge. Even if the two did not get along Ray'ken respected his father. He just wanted the respect back.