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RaceDhani, Viper
Date of birth422 AV (aged 101)
Place of birthEyktol
TitleThe Fang
Sea Navigation30
Unarmed Combat69

A true snake in every sense of the word, Rassasydar would happily do anything that ensured his benefit. To him, there is no price too steep nor tactic too dirty for self-preservation or personal gain. His venomous personality draws like-minded individuals interested in staking out a living in the southern Suvan Sea and away from the Svefra and cities. They are not loyal to each other in any way, but they understand the necessity of each other and their vile minds work well together so long as everyone reaps the rewards. The Dhani's words are as poisonous as his venom, acidic in insults and harsh language. Though he hates more or less all humanoids after what he went through in the slave pits, he understands the necessity of his crew and is collected enough to realize when someone will benefit him.


There is only one rule for this snake: survival. This was the harsh lesson taught to him in captivity. Caught by slavers in the desert, he was forced into a pit on the coast not far from Eloab, where they began using his venom to poison their weapons along with a few other Viper Dhani they'd caught. Rassasydar fiercely fought against the other slaves, always making sure that he had the most he could even at the expense of another captive's comfort. His self-preservation made him unpopular, but the slavers didn't care and the other captives couldn't do anything about it. After years in the slave pit, the Dhani finally managed to sneak out and found himself on the coast, where he wandered for days until finally finding his way to Sunrise Point. Only a single boat was docked there at the time, a trading ship dissatisfied with its captain and their wages. Seizing the opportunity, Rassasydar killed the captain and placed himself at the helm, poisoning any who resisted and beginning his fearsome pirate career.

Ship & Crew

The Hejdw - a poisonous serpent on the sea

Originally a trading vessel, the Hejdw (heh-dou) was made to ferry goods quickly between coastal cities in the southern Suvan in the case of an emergency or high priority shipment. It's not very large and as such doesn't hold much, meaning that the majority of merchants who prefer to ship in bulk didn't find a use for it, but those looking to ferry goods and people from one city to another found it more than adequate. Of course, this speed served another purpose once Rassasydar killed the previous captain, allowing the Dhani to rush in seemingly out of nowhere and surprise its target. Coupled with the volley of poisoned arrows that usually sail from the serpent, it makes a deadly and horrible sight to behold.

The crew of the Hejdw are experienced in the usage of their ship, having crewed it for nearly a decade. They know many of the useful currents in the southern sea, once used to move from city to city but now used to rush towards unsuspecting victims. Many aboard are trained archers who can shoot at a target as they zoom in or fire on a pursuer while escaping, and coupled with Rassaydar's venom their volley is quite lethal to all caught underneath it. Most of the fighters aboard are archers, the melee pirates only for mopping up and robbing after the deadly hail of arrows. Though the Dhani captain has supreme distaste of everyone else in the world, he understands the necessity of his crew and can tolerate them enough to share the take pretty fairly, more so than his predecessor did with his payments.