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Reikanni Frostfawn

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Reikanni Frostfawn

Keeper of the Avanthalian Pets
Date of birth490 AV (aged 33)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleSeller of pets in the Menagerie
Animal Husbandry45
Gnosis marks

Physical Description

Reikanni is short, standing at about 5'3. Her dark hair is very long and colored with faint traces of green. Her skin is lightly tanned and seemingly perfect to the eyes. She likes to dress lightly when she is in her shop but outside she will dress in beautiful furs.

Reikanni is rarely found without an animal in her arms or by her side. Most often she can be found with her black cat, Umbra. All in all, she seems a lot like the animals she sells. She is warm, friendly, and eager to please.


Reikanni is a proud member of the Frostfawn hold, as well as being the younger sister of the hold's leader Kayin Frostfawn. The a few weeks after she was born her parents took her to Morwen to be blessed by her mark. Morwen happily agreed as she normally did for her loving people. She was raised surrounded by animals. There was never a shortage of furry pets as far as she was involved. Her father Donvan ran the pet store before she took over and most of her days were filled with playing with his unsold pets. She would name each one and would often cry when she found that her favorites got sold while she was not at the store. After several seasons of getting upset when her favorite pets were sold her, father finally let her choose one to keep as her own. She chose a small black kitten which she had already named Umbra. She still has the cat to this day and it walks around the store freely.

She is the most social of the storekeepers in the Menagerie. She always knows the latest news and never runs out of things to talk about. Reikanni is the youngest of the storekeepers in the Menagerie; she is wise beyond her years in the art of persuasion though. She is known to be able to get even the most reluctant customer to buy one of her animals. She has also been known to lower her prices for guys who she finds attractive. Although when her father finds out he hunts down the guys and demands full price for the animals.