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Threat levelMedium
Major featuresWater proof hair
Most common inTaloba, Falyndar

The Riamm are are a strange, hairy little pet bred by the Myrians of Taloba. Several Myrian children usually have one growing up, and despite their armless appearance, the Riamm are actually nasty little critters. Appearing to be fluffy balls of hair, Riamm bond closely with one person, usually a child, and love them with all their being. Despite being playful, friendly, and cuddly, more than one Riamm has given strangers the fright, and fight, of their lives for threatening 'their' child.



The Riamm were discovered after the Valterrian, the great catacylsm that changed Mizahar forever. They were found near a pool of wild magic by a group of Myrians searching for survivors. After a period of observation, the war-like Myrians caught them, bringing them to an isolated holding area so that they could be studied and investigated. After quite some time, the Riamm, as they were called, were considered safe. Not suitable for the wilderness (as the Myrians found), one warrior of the Changing Moon family brought the surviving Riamm back to Taloba with her as pets, showing them to the Goddess-Queen Myri.

When Myri declared them safe, Tek of the Changing Moon allowed her young children to interact with the Riamm. They bonded quickly, and the rest, as they say, is history.


The Riamm are hairy little balls of brightly-coloured fluff that weigh only a few pounds at the most. They grow to be round little balls of hair with a small muzzle and eyes peeking out. They are rarely bigger than a foot in diameter, but are as small as 6". Underneath all that hair are paws, four in all - two forepaws and two hind legs. The forepaws are barely good for anything besides clutching the fingers or clothes of their people. They move by hopping on their hind feet, and can travel up to 10 feet in a single hop. They can be any shade of blue, red, green, yellow, orange, and purple.

When a Riamm fears that their child is in serious danger, they may enrage, or berserk. An enraged Riamm grows up to be eight feet in diameter, and those "useless" forepaws become gripping claw-tipped death holds. A Riamm does not take kindly to its children being threatened, and will fight to the death to protect him.

Male and female Riamm cannot be told apart by sight - it generally takes an expert to discern which is which, as there are no visible differences.


The abilities of a Riamm are quite simple and relatively few. One, their puffy hair is waterproof. It's not an uncommon sight to see a Myrian child running around in the rain with their pet Riamm sitting on their heads, blocking the ran from their faces.

Secondly, a Riamm tends to form a close relationship with one person, usually a child. If their child is in serious danger, a Riamm can enrage to try to fight off the attacker.


"Playful and friendly" certainly descripe the Riamm personalities. They're very loyal to their person, but friendly enough to everyone else who do not pose any serious threat. Some Riamm are quite talkative, communicating in chitters, coos, and purrs, while some are quiet.


Riamm usually live to a ripe old age of between 5 and 7 years.


Riamm will eat essentially everything tossed their way, but the brighter the fruits they get, the better and brighter their fur will be. Riamm manage quite well on a varied diet of fruit, vegetables, meat, and fish.


The Changing Moon seem to have a monopoly on the breeding of Riamm. Breeding Riamm can be tricky and time-consuming, and involves a lot of patience. The elaborate Riamm mating rituals take quite a while to consummate. A female Riamm may have up to two litters of two to three babies in her life, usually between the ages of two and four years. The babies are weaned by the time they are two months old.