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Ring of Change

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Ring of Change

Crafted from the bone of a young adult Earth Velispar and blessed by the Moon God, Leth, this ring grants the wearer the fantastic ability to transform into the legendary Velispar.

When the sun dips below the horizon and the rise of the moon begins, the wearer experiences a series of unique changes. During the first two bells following the sunset, the wearer will undergo a strange transformation. Their fingers will elongate along and they will grow three-inch claws. Their skin takes on a deep bronze color with dull grey and green hues. Their skin also gains a vaguely scaled pattern; not actual scales but more of a color and shade pattern resembling scales, much like the Velispar-human hybrid known as the Verusk. Their teeth also become more pronounced, elongated and sharpened. Their eyes take on the look of a reptile with slitted pupils.

As they reach the two-bell mark, the wearer will undergo a more severe change. Bones and muscles stretch, pop and shift as they take on the legendary form of the Velispar. The core of their body becomes as big as a large horse, although much more slender and elongated with a long tail. Their skin becomes a deep gold with bright green and silver patterns with full scaling. Their head is bearded with elaborate curling horns, large eyes, an almost wolf-like maw with three-inch long teeth. Their claws are six-inch long. Lean, powerful muscles ripple through their enhanced, reptilian form.

After the four bells of being in the form of a full Velispar, the wearer returns to the pre-Velispar hybrid form for another two bells before returning to their normal form.

Powers and Abilities

  • As the sun sets each night, for 8 hours after the wearer undergoes transformation from Verusk to Velispar back to Verusk.
  • In the hybrid, Verusk form, the wearer has functional three-inch claws that can be used to aid in unarmed combat.
  • In the Velispar form, the wearer is able to literally swim through raw, natural earth and stone at a highly increased speed. Travel times for land routes are effectively reduced by 30%. They become one with the earth at this time. Worked stone however cannot be moved through. Thus worked-stone structures and buildings will block this ability.
  • In the Velispar form, the wearer can carry 800 lbs of weight and pull 1,600 lbs.
  • In the Velispar form, the wearer gains a single skill that they don't already have at a Competent level with 50 skill points; representing the Velispar's acquired knowledge. If the wearer already possesses the skill, they add 25 points to their existing total. The skill is rolled anew each time they transform from the list that follows. The skill gained changes every time they change. They lose all knowledge and ability with said skill as soon as they lose the full Velispar form.
  • In the Velispar form, the wearer gains the temporary ability, for four hours, to use the first mark of Leth's gnosis, Telepathy.


  • An Earth Velispar is opposed by the element of Water. Water buries, drowns, isolates and erodes earth. Because of this, the ring will not function when the wearer attempts to cross large bodies of water such as rivers, lakes or oceans. If on a ship or boat, the ring will not function. If the wearer is already transformed and attempts to cross such bodies of water, the ring will immediately deactivate and the wearer will return to humanoid form in a very painful manner; incapacitating them for the remaining time the ring would have been active.
  • The ring only functions at night for 8 bells. When the transformation finally ends, the wearer will be groggy and tired and must sleep else suffer the effects of extreme sleep deprivation.
  • The transformation into a Velispar is rather extreme and any clothing worn will be shredded and totally destroyed. Any gear will be dropped. So the wearer must plan accordingly and travel lightly. The change is somewhat uncomfortable and is similar to morphing in that it involves the actual movement and change of bones, muscle, organs and tissue.
  • Their is no control over the transformation once it begins. The ring cannot be removed once the process starts. If the ring is removed before, the transformation will not take place. If it is removed after, overwhelming exhaustion will set in requiring the wearer to sleep for three days straight before having strength enough to function. Putting the ring back on during this time will have no results; it will not function until the wearer's body has rested the full three days and is capable of handling the change.
  • While the wearer will not suffer the voracious appetite of a young Velispar, when they return to their normal form they will be overwhelmingly hungry and will need to eat heavily to prepare for the next change.
  • If lost, given away or the wearer is otherwise separated from the ring in a permanent manner, the ring will lose all power and abilities and become nothing more than a worthless bone ring.


Ring of Change
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