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Robern Dalagnar

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Robern Dalagnar
TitleFounder of Daggerhand
Weapon: Dagger63

Robern "Rotter" Dalagner was the founder and former leader of the Sunberthian gang Daggerhand.


Hailing from Zeltiva, Dalagner was highly-educated and politically savvy due to his years spent attending the University of Zeltiva. However, he did not flaunt these characteristics and instead adopted a mask of charity. In time, Dalagnar amassed a following which dedicated itself to his protection and the fulfillment of his goals.

Taking the pseudonym "Rot Fingers", Dalagnar began to feel out the political landscape of Sunberth whilst rallying support from a variety of businesses. As both his public and underground power grew, the people began to realize that they had allowed a monster into their midst. Dalagnar became just as power-hungry and tyrannical as the rulers that Sunberth had fought against since the Valterrian. As time raced forward, Dalagnar's enemies began to grow and clash with his supporters. Violence erupted in the streets; ultimately encouraging an assassination attempt upon Dalagnar himself.

Launched by the Night Eyes, the attack claimed the life of Dalagnar's wife and left his daughter, Libayna Dalagnar's, face horrifically scarred by poison. Enraged, he elected then to reveal the whole of his might to the city. Dropping his pseudonym, he then called together the whole of his supporters and united them under a single banner as Daggerhand. With his organization finally mustered, he marked the Night Eyes for annihilation. Dalagnar wielded his power in order to practically terrorize the city. He carved out for himself a sizable portion of territory and erected a manor to call home. In light of the attempted assassination, this was where Dalagnar ultimately holed himself up whilst his subordinated carried out his will.

From outright massacres in the streets to shaking down establishments for coin, Daggerhand committed numerous atrocities in the name of their leader. They became hated by many and feared by most...Yet all "good" things eventually come to an end. After years upon years of tolerating the violence of Daggerhand, the denizens of Sunberth rose up. A mob of vigilantes and citizens alike stormed the Daggerhand territory and set fire to the "Rotten Mansion". Dalagnar was dragged out of his sanctuary and promptly lynched before the masses; thereby causing chaos within the ranks.


Robern is possibly the closest thing to a Ruler Sunberth has had in fifty years. A man that plays dirty politics to the extreme with a nasty tendency to leave his opposition in shallow graves, if they are lucky enough to have any sort of burial, Robern is not a man to be screwed with. He is rarely seen outside of his home, but when he makes an appearance, he has an escort of at least a dozen Daggerhand brutes. When Robern talks, everyone listens.

In reference to business, Robern is one of the three primary figures fighting for control of the city. Though his reach falls short of the Docks and the areas near there, he has a strong grip on various taverns and gambling rings in Sunberth. Brega's brothel also happens to be under his thumb, though most other brothels have currently escaped him. Robern's income consists mostly of taxation of merchants, guards, shops, brothels, taverns, imports, and exports, as well as a small amount of drug trafficking.

It is a rarely known fact that Robern refuses to deal outside of Sunberth by any means. He will not touch merchant vessels at sea, caravans on the roads. The only exception is if a man deserves to die and he has fled Sunberth, then Robern hires a man that has been rumored to be a ghost, never seen, never expected, and never fails to get his kill. Nobody escapes Robern's wrath.