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Libayna Dalagnar

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Libayna Dalagnar
Place of birthSunberth
TitleLittle Libby
Escape Artist54

Libayna "Libby" Dalagnar is the pride and joy of Robern Dalagnar. She is his only child, daughter of his wife who was murdered brutally roughly a decade before. Libby was fortunate enough to survive the attack that took her mother, but she didn't escape unscathed. Even today the right side of her face tells of a severe burn from poison that only grazed her, causing permanent blindness in that one eye and a face she hates to look at. Despite the burn, Libby is generally considered as one of the most gorgeous ladies of all Sunberth, even competing with Brega herself for looks, though there's even less that can compete in being dangerous. Libby is a woman after daddy's own heart and shares his brutal views of Sunberth Politics. She enjoys watching in on torture, and even though Robern says she's too delicate to ever have to lift a weapon, she gets a thrill out of joining in, just to hear screams of pain.

Libby is also known to be adventurous, and though her father has commanded Daggerhand to watch over her at all times, she often escapes them intentionally just for the sake of earning a little freedom. However, she is rarely alone even when she escaped her guards, as there is a pet of hers that cannot be lost, a Dire Wolf named Whites (it's ironic because it is dark gray) that follows her constantly, and could easily tear a man apart in seconds. It's happened before, and it's not beyond Libby to instigate violence just to get a rise out of Whites.