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Image:Scroll2.png "Roziella is a bad, bad girl."
- Roziella, to herself

Date of birth503 AV (aged 20)
Place of birthRavok
Gnosis marks

Roziella Bollerouise was born in Ravok in the year 503 AV to Nel'vira the Dreameater and Arthagon Bollerouise II. She is suffering from an incurable autistic disorder, later attributed to being "touched" by the god Uldr. Despite this, Roziella has exemplary skills in reimancy, manipulating water and air to create the most fearsome icicles and ice walls.


Arthagon Bollerouise, a prominent member of The Black Sun, used to court a fair blue maiden who went by the name of Nel'vira Arwain. She was of the Akontak race, rare as a blue rose in a garden of colorful roses. He was attracted to her exotic beauty, cunning, and ability to see the future. She liked the fact that he was wealthy, powerful, and handsome. However, it could not be said that they were madly in love, as the relationship was nowhere near anything of the sort. They were joined by a relationship of similar interests: chaos and destruction. The relationship blossommed benefits that satiated their hunger for lust and power. Together, they deviously ran slaver organizations spread throughout the Sylira region. The partnership would have blossomed into something more, had Arthagon not been arranged into marrying the daughter of some wealthy noblewoman in Ravok.

Arthagon and Nel'vira parted ways, as The Voice willed. But the relationship continued secretly, until the Akontak bore the seed of their lust. No longer able to hide her pregnancy, Nel-vira was forced into hiding. On the day she was born, Nel'vira abandoned her daughter at the Bollereouise's doorsteps without word that she is daughter of the lord of the house. Nicknamed the Witch, she was enslaved by Arthagon's wife, Lady Bollerouise, serving as handmaiden and servant to the family. Unlike Arthagon and Nel'vira, their daughter was kind and gentle, not a drop of illwill in her blood, accepting her fate as slave. She became nurse to Arthagon's son, Arthagon II.

When it became apparent Nel'vira's daughter was a gifted seer, her status in the household was elevated. From servant and nurse she became Arthagon's advisor, taking the place of her blue seer mother. Eventually, the allure of the Konti seducted Arthagon, and he forced himself upon her. When his daughter bore his child, Arthagon himself coerced his own son into marrying the Konti - a man of his wealth and power must not fall to a scandal! The offspring of this union was Roziella.

Roziella was a miracle. She was born dead, but was revived by the midwife. This resurrection was greatly resented by the Witch, as Avalis had whispered that Roziella was resurrected by the magic of Uldr and not by medicine. Roziella's arrival in the Bollerouise family was a gift from Rhysol. Father resented son, son resented father, wife resented husband and daughter. Roziella was the blossom of hate and vengeance, the fruit of a chaos seed. She lusted, just as her father lusted after woman. She hated, just as her brother, now foster father, hated their father.


Roziella's pschye is never complex, often reflecting the impulse of a child. While she is seemingly needy and helpless, the slightest provocation could trigger her insatiable lust and the smallest of threats could set off a fierce instinct to defend herself. She is in constant need of attention and appreciation, and the lack thereof sends her into tantrums. She is not used to not getting what she wants, and will do anything to get it. However, when scolded, she is quick to retreat and cry.

Uldr considers her as a playmate, and had given her two marks for being such an "obedient" girl. She considers Uldr as her bestfriend, and will not require much convincing to do as the undead god wills.

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