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Samara Alenta

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Samara Alenta

Seductive Assassin
Date of birth489 AV (aged 34)
Place of birthRavok
TitleEbonstryfe Paladin
Unarmed Combat25
Weapon: Kris50
Gnosis marks

Samara Alenta was born in Ravok. Both of her parents were members of the Ebonstrye, and she was groomed from an early age to become one of them. Her childhood was spent training in the arts of combat, seduction, and stealth. She is an excellent assassin and is often sent abroad to carry out kill orders from the higher ranking members of the Ebonstryfe.

At the age of nineteen she was promoted to the rank of Commander, given a unit of soldiers and apprentices, and her life changed from solo assassin to leading her unit on forays into the wilderness in search of artifacts and other items of power for the Ebonstryfe. In the fall of 512 AV, she was promoted again, to Paladin, and received her second mark from Rhysol. When she is not on mission, she is usually prowling the streets of Ravok in search for potential new recruits.

Samara is a devious woman, unafraid to use any method no matter how dirty to get what she wants or needs. She is a skilled seductress, and very beautiful, capable of putting many men off guard in her presence. One of her favored tactics is to get a man to treat her to a night out on the town before inviting herself back to his place where she may or may not continue to enjoy herself. Inevitably, the night ends with a knife to the man's throat, but Samara is not above enjoying herself before it comes to that.

Samara is now located at the North Ravok Outpost