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Major featuresLiquid appearance, blob-like, no fixed shape
AbilitiesResistant to cutting attacks, can fit almost anywhere, can shoot parts of itself

Sarawanki are a Familiar type from the Lightface of Fyrden. They appear to be blobs of a warm water-like fluid in constant motion. They survive on Fyrden by slipping between the cracks in the scorching hot terrain, effectively living under the surface and feeding off the planet's Djed radiations like all other Familiars. They are considered the most energetic of all Fyrdenese and possess highly extroverted personalities, though they are also quick to panic when the situation escapes their control.



A Sarawanki is made of a thick liquid substance featuring about 60% water and 40% hot silicate compounds that give the creature the characteristic 'fluid quartz' opaque appearance. On Mizahar, their core remains very hot but their peripheral regions are merely warm, consisting of mostly water that can be touched safely. The blob is able to float after bonding with a wizard by expelling a jet of invisible Djed, but it is still faster when crawling on a surface.

The Sarawanki's preferred sealed form is that of a wineskin, bottle or other container. It will always feel warm to the touch. Some wizards actually ingest the Sarawanki and let it take harmless residence in their stomachs, where it can even induce vomit should the wizard get poisoned. Sarawanki do not take on animal forms.


Sarawanki are lively, bubbly, impulsive and prone to action. They have difficulty understanding the concept of reflection. They are always on the move, and expect a wizard bonded to them to feel the same way. Being forced into inaction quickly frustrates a Sarawanki and is likely to cause strong moodswings that may even be dangerous. A Sarawanki is often a chatterbox and is best suited as the bondmate of a good listener.

A Sarawanki, when treated with respect and allowed to act on its nature, will be a loyal companion and a less jealous one than most other Familiar types. A Sarawanki that grows resentful from abuse and lack of empathy is, however, a dangerous presence in the wizard's life. Its extroverted nature may lead it to try and assert dominance over the wizard in explicit ways, by physically overwhelming him or by turning on those dear to him.


Being liquid, A Sarawanki can avoid a great deal of physical damage by dividing itself. Cutting attacks are in particular very ineffective against a Sarawanki unless they are charged with some other magical properties. Blunt attacks are somewhat more effective as they smash the creature into many small droplets, thus dissipating its ever-important internal heat. Likewise, they are sensitive to cold attacks, and can die in a single blow should they somehow get frozen.

A Sarawanki can slip between small cracks or under doors with ease, making it a very good choice for a sneaky mage. In addition, they can shoot parts of themselves as hot fluid bullets, though this reduces their overall heat level and affects their vitality.


A Sarawanki's lifecycle is the same as their Familiar brethren. They grow in size throughout their lives by absorbing material and radiations from Fyrden's environment. When their bodies grow too large, they fracture into two or more "children". These spawn-siblings, as they are called, are entirely new creatures and inherit some of the parent's knowledge, including language, but not necessarity its personality. This accretion/spawning process is halted once they are bonded with a Mizaharian wizard.

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