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RaceIsur, Pitrius Clan
Date of birth300 AV (aged 223)
Place of birthSultros
TitleMaster of the Silver Tower

Master Sargos Argentum Pitrius is the master of a magical institution of learning known as, the Silver Tower, located in the Isurian Kingdom of Sultros. He is quite possibly the oldest isur alive, Sargos is also the most magically skilled isur currently in existence. Since the construction of the Silver Tower, Sargos is the third isur to hold the position of Master.


Sargos was born a member of the Pitrius clan in the Kingdom of Sultros beneath the Pitrius Citadel 200 years following the Valterrian. His grandfather was Lord Hydar Argentum Pitrius, the Lord of Clan Pitrius who originally constructed the Silver Tower in the years following the Valterrian. Sargos' parents were clan elders and played a major role in the post-Valterrian development of the clan.

Born to a family possessing the last of the great magic of the isur, Sargos stood above his siblings and even his parents at an early age. His ability in the forge and his natural talent for manipulating djed became legendary and some still say that Sargos' grandfather, Hydar, found a way to be reborn in his grandson. Sargos was accepted to the Silver Tower at an age younger than any before or after, 12 years. Considered a savant of magical skill, Sargos passed the three tests of mind, body and soul through the use of his innate magical skill and near-instinctual ability to manipulate it. The instructor administering the tests was left in complete confusion and could not allow such a gift to be wasted. It is said that upon the final test, when Sargos was brought to one of the great chasms and told that only his faith would allow him to survive the great leap, the body simply stepped off the edge. There was no hesitation, no emotion, nothing. The instructor watched as Sargos fell into the darkness. Moments later, an eerie green light could be seen far below. It quickly began to rise and in little time, Sargos appeared. The boy was surrounded in green magical energy and the faith, echoed sounds of a hammer striking an anvil could be heard. Sargos was named a Sentinel almost immediately upon returning to the Tower.

By the age of 40, Sargos had become an instructor of magecraft and at the age of 100, he was an elder. When the presiding Master fell ill, he decreed that his successor would be Sargos. There was no dispute on the part of the other elders and at the unfathomable age of 125 years old, Sargos Argentum Pitrius became the third Master of the Silver Tower. For almost 90 years, Sargos has led the Sentinels of the Silver Tower. He is the undisputed Master with none daring to challenge his reign since his ascension. It is believed that his bloodline, that of the creator of the Tower itself, has tied him to the Tower in a way that he and the Tower are one. This would explain his abnormally old age and seemingly infinite vitality. At over 200 years old, Sargos is the oldest known isur and while all isur display great vitality even at the end of life, Sargos acts and moves as if he were still 12 years of age and just beginning his life as a Sentinel. When he speaks, the Tower acts. Nobody else can lay claim to such a feat.

Sargos bares three marks of Izurdin, something found almost exclusively among clan Lords or priest of the Temple of Izurdin. While marked by other deities, Sargos takes pride in the fact that he belongs to Izurdin and none other.