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Seaside Market

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A bit of a marvel in Sunberth, the Seaside Market is an open collection of merchants of all sorts: wealthy arms dealers, poor peddlers, even peasantry with just a few items to sell, there is no required permit to set-up shop and if you leave your stall for even a moment you're bound to find it replaced. On any given day you can find just about anything for sale, granted it probably belonged to another merchant the day before. No item is guaranteed to work as described nor be in any usable condition; most of the jewels are fake and the weapons are in disrepair. Armor tends to fall apart a few days after purchase. On rare occasions one can find precious treasures of immense value for cheap, but it's more likely you'll just get ripped off and left with a useless hunk of nothing.


The market is set up outside, meaning it is left to suffer at the hand of the weather. Stalls and carts are all elevated as the market is placed just below the docks when the tide comes in the pathways between the goods are flooded to the average man's knees. Several make-shift staircases and ladders can be found about the narrow 'streets' for the occasion with small docks for those that shop by means of boats and canoes, those of which are left to lay in the dirt when the tide is out. Because of this daily event, the market is fluid, shifting its form with new stalls and elevated platforms rising daily, some knocked over or their silts are eaten through with the ware of rot. Some have wondered why the merchants don't just move shop, but the residents of Sunberth are stubborn and tenacious, keeping their defiance even against nature itself. It is not rare for some of the fish merchants to leave nets out, replenishing their stocks midday.

One can find visit the market at any time of the day. Most of the merchants keep their shops open and refuse to pack up for fear their spots will be taken. Tortures on long, sturdy posts are erected when the sun goes down and men are paid to lead consumers through the narrows with lanterns, sponsored by one of the wealthier purveyors of course - those whose business always seems to get just a little bit better as the sun falls.

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