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Seffarah Whitevine

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Seffarah Whitevine

Healer of the North
Date of birth479 AV (aged 44)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitlePavintu Janta of Whitevine Hold
Animal Husbandry31
Gnosis marks


Seffarah was born to the Whitevine Hold of Avanthal the 5th of Spring, 479 AV to Torris and Siina Whitevine. At the time her father, Torris was the Pavintu Janta of Whitevine Hold. Many expected her older brother, Mikaiah Whitevine to follow in his footsteps but from the moment Seffarah was born Torris made it clear that the pair would have equal chances for the leadership position, just like every other member of the Hold.

Seffarah and Mikaiah never showed ill-will against one another as they grew up. In fact, the pair often studied and worked together. A lot of Seffarah's knowledge in medicine came from Mikaiah's direction. The two grew up more like friends than brother and sister, never letting the chance at being leader stand between them. To the siblings, the honor that their father was to pass on was a friendly competition.

At the age of eighteen Seffarah had been working at the barracks for about two years. After a group from Icewatch returned from a mission Seffarah, being skilled in treating animals, was given a horribly injured bear to treat. His fur was completely ripped from his body in places and had deep gashes all along his body. She stuck with this bear for days, using every bit of knowledge that she knew to help nurse it back to heath. Days passed and the bear was only getting worse. Seffarah did not know what else to do so she prayed. She knew of members in her hold that had been touched by Rak'keli. When her eyes opened, Rak'keli was before her and offered her help to the young Vantha. From that day on, Seffarah was a one of Rak'keli's healers.

When Seffarah reached the age of twenty-eight her father had begun to grow ill, leaving him unable to continue his job as a healer. No matter what the members of Whitevine tried Torris kept getting sicker and sicker. Seffarah pleaded to Rak'keli to save her father but Torris was ready to move on, claiming he knew it was his time to join Dira. Seffarah and Mikaiah stayed at his side, wanting to be with him until the end of his life. Seffarah expected her father to choose Mikaiah to take over his role as leader but to her surprise, she was chosen. Mikaiah had started a family and he was secure in his job. He voiced his want for Seffarah to lead the Hold, claiming she would be able to give more attention to everyone's needs since he had three young children. When Torris passed Seffarah took his place as Pavintu Janta of Whitevine Hold and has held this position since.

Physical Description

Seffarah is a bit on the shorter side for a female Vantha, standing at about 5'5. Her eyes change with her emotions but at a calm state, they are a deep blue. Her hair is long and dark, highlighted with a faint shade of scarlet. Her skin is a bit lighter than most Vantha due to her spending so much time inside the barracks working on healing the bears. Her features are light, making her look a bit younger than she is.


Seffarah is a very kind person. She lives to help others and gets great pleasure out of the act. She is very family oriented and is extremely close with her brother Mikaiah, his wife, and his three children. She cares deeply for her hold and would do next to anything for them. Seffarah is by far the most welcoming of the leaders and the easiest to get along with.

Along with caring deeply for the citizens of Avanthal, Seffarah also has a deep respect for animals due to her mother who lived in Frostfawn Hold before marrying her father. She is not one to anger easily but when one is disrespecting animals she is quick to jump to their aid.