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Image:Scroll2.png “Reimancy is no toy. It will kill you if you let it.”
- Aspia
RaceDhani (Constrictor)
Date of birth352 AV (aged 171)
Place of birthZinrah
TitleHead Reimancer
Gnosis marks

Senescaaspia is the head reimancer in Zinrah. Charged with overseeing the training and stability of other reimancy practitioners in the city, managing the draining fissures, and ensuring the stability of the nest as a whole, she is one of the most vital persons there is when it comes to maintaining Zinrah. Many seek her approval to be inducted into the magical practice, though few ever impress her. Fewer survive the training.


Aspia is one of those few Dhani who finds comfort in her human form. She has a very fair human appearance. Her dark red hair drapes over her light skin. She is fairly tall, and - of course - well toned. She often wanders the city bare. For those moments when she does need to take an alternative form, it is noted that her scales are a mixture of auburn red, steely blue, and a light green-brown. Scales like that were made for the jungle, a natural camouflage, and scream of the woman’s magical ability.

She is soft spoken, though it should not deter from the weight of her words. A master in her field, she knows exactly what she’s talking about on the topic of reimancy. Some suggest it’s another side effect of the burn damage. From her forehead, all the way down to her hip is a lasting burn scar from a reimancy accident from years past.


Trusted with the safety of nest on the home front, Aspia is a very task oriented Dhani. Her life is a routine that she finds security in. She feels important knowing the nest’s structure is under her charge. It is an honor to take on new tasks as her Queen commands it as well. Although watching after her lesser reimancers proves dangerous, she knows its better she is the one to oversee them than anyone else. She does have the scars to prove it. Senescaaspia is as firm as the earth in her opinions and beliefs. Earth, after all, is, was, and ever shall be her first element.

Aspia does seek some fluidity in her life. Those she is a burned woman, she still proves to be a fine specimen of a woman. Though her scars earn her the rejections of many, some males seek to court her. If they can get passed the mountain-strong personality, she proves to be a very gentle lover. On that note, Aspia is actively seeking a mate.

History and Family

Senescaaspia is the succeeding daughter to the title of Head Reimancer in the nest. Her late mother, Senesca, was a long time sorceress in the magic. Her mother before her taught her, and so on, dating back to the first constrictor reimancer, Sitria. However, Aspia’s succession came much earlier than ever expected.

The Dhani are particularly wary about fire reimancy, especially in the nest. The facts are that there’s really no where for the smoke to go, the cave is awfully damp to keep fires, and the element itself is excessively unpredictable. Back when her mother was the Head Reimancer of the nest, there were a different set of students under her mother’s watch. With Aspia among the students, Senesca could often find herself distracted teaching her daughter the secrets of the magic, and teaching her about the responsibilities that would come when she assumed this position. While students were regularly encouraged to meditate and control themselves, a particular student refused to do such.

Over the course of months, the reckless Dhani began to lose himself, becoming a victim of overgiving. One fateful day when he was practicing within Sitria, the Sweet Whispers called out to him, and soon the res he spun was ready to engulf him. It was too late before Senesca could act. The res orb before her was already transmuting into the burning element. In a reflexive action, Aspia let loose her own res to transmute to an icy wall. A clever girl, she knew she could at least retard the flames somewhat in those brief seconds. The resulting transmutation of the student was explosive. All Dhani within Sitria fell victims to the flames, the wayward student included. Aspia barely got away from the incident, third degree burns covering a part of her body the wall failed to protect. The ice wall was incinerated instantly. It was almost a miracle that was all she suffered.

Needless to say, among the other who perished in the flames was Aspia’s mother. With her mother’s wisdom, the lessons on Sitria’s walls, and the aid of other peers who were not in the chamber that day, Aspia assumed the role she was destined to overtake. It took time to heal, and time to perfect her own art, but in recent years Aspia has welcomed new students to continue the tradition. it is for events like this that the regulations over reimancy in the nest are so strict and challenging.

Senescaaspia’s Appearances
heightSitriaWork place.