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Shahal Timandre

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Shahal Timandre
Date of birth304 AV (aged 219)
Place of birthMura
TitleMember of Grandmothers Circle, Timandre Matriarch
Various othersVarious
Gnosis marks

Shahal Timandre is perhaps the most renowned Konti in Mura and throughout wide parts of eastern Mizahar. She has been the one to develop the Timandre family into the prestigious and respected force in Mura they are today and still continues contributing to the Konti society as a member of the Grandmothers Circle. Various journeys in her younger decades brought her to such exotic places as Sahova, Lhavit and The Spires to study the magical disciplines she had a natural talent for. Additionally, she established contacts throughout Cyphrus and Syliras and helped to improve entire cities on her Call, for example by siring several Akalak sons during her years in Riverfall. Nowadays she has returned to her own people, taken up the mantle of the High Priestess of Avalis and acting as a prophetess and councilor. Throughout the decades, she has taken several mates and given birth to 13 Konti daughters, making the Timandre family very large.


Shahal’s beauty has always been compared with a vian flower, unparalleled despite her mature age. She is a breathtakingly beautiful Konti, with milky white skin, hair like spun silver and the typical violet Timandre eyes. While exceptionally tall for a Konti, her body still appears fragile, but her features reveal intelligence, wit as well as calm. The most distinctive physical trait, however, is the bright golden strands in her hair which might be related to her relationship with Syna. Those sun-colored strands are her trademark most people will recognize her at.


Her wit and intelligence is known throughout Konti Isle. Although or just because she has seen and experienced much, Shahal views mankind with what can only be described as some kind of sarcastic optimism. She loves to provide help and shelter and offer her wisdom and skills to those who need it. Her judgments are tough, but always fair. Her everyday life is quite reclusive and determined by a strict routine, but she has the tendency to show up in emergency situations and solve the case with a combination of youthful energy and ancient wisdom. In younger years she was known to be a passionate and loyal lover and take many consorts during her long journeys, but nowadays she is happy with contributing to Mura, serving the Gods and leading her family.

Due to her extensive use of magic it has been suspected that her mind has been severed by overgiving, but not even Divination can determine whether there is truth in the suspicion.