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Druvin Silvas
Date of birth157 AV (aged 366)
Place of birthSyliras Region
TitleKeeper of the Well of Madness
Weapon: Mace50

Silvas is a Druvin and high ranking member of The Black Sun. Standing slightly over seven feet in height and built like a mountain, Silvas is quite the imposing figure. He often wears his blond hair in a pair of tight braids that he sometimes wears over his shoulders as well as straight down his back. His milky white eyes reveal little emotion despite the insanity that burns behind them. Silvas is the Keeper of the Well of Madness, an extremely powerful divine artifact dedicated to Rhysol. He is the only one save for The Voice who understands how to use the Well to call upon the collective insanity, despair and madness of the world and give it physical form. He is also the chief political adviser to The Voice as well as serving as ambassador when seeking to assimilate other cultures and turn them toward Rhysol.

Who Silvas was before becoming a Druvin is something of a mystery with the full details known only by Rhysol and The Voice. He was reborn roughly 157 years after the Valterrian although he only looks around 30. Possessing an uncanny ability to read people, it is presumed that he was chosen to become a Druvin in order to help The Voice better spread Rhysol's will. Silvas is a soft-spoken man, thoughtful and calm in the presence of others. In private however he is prone to violent outbursts that often leave attending slaves scattered about the room in pieces.

Among a number of unique artifacts, Silvas carries a mace known simply as, Madness. Made from the essence of insanity given physical form, some say that it is made from his own twisted mind. Those struck by Madness find themselves overwhelmed with completely insane thoughts and wild feelings of paranoia, obsession and crushing despair.