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The owned of Mizahar
Most common inMizahar-Wide
ReputationFrom Worthless Animals to Valuable Commodities
Faction godsAny, but primarily Nikali

Slaves are both PC and NPC characters in Mizahar. Slavery is defined as the condition in which one sentient being is owned by another. The practice can be found in almost every region of Mizahar and in almost every city, with traditions and processes being different in each region. Slavery can be a permanent condition or can be a type of indenturement with a limit on the time period a sentient creature will be owned. See each individual city or region rules (The City Codex/Player's Guide/Etc) or talk to a local Storyteller for details on what sort of slavery is allowed.



While traditions and the treatment of slaves can differ greatly from domain to domain, one thing is standard across the board for all slaves. That is their price. Prices Mizahar-wide are standard for each slave. Please be sure the cost of a specific slave is approved by an Assistant Storyteller or higher.


Humans are the most common types of slaves and make up the vast majority of Mizahar's slave pool.

  • Human Male Laborer (50 skill points, no L2) - 300 GM
  • Human Female Laborer (50 skill points, no L2) - 350 GM
  • Skilled Human Male (50 skill points, 1 @ L2) - 400 GM
  • Skilled Human Female (50 skill points, 1 @ L2) - 450 GM
  • Extraordinary Female or Male Human (Extreme beauty, 100 Skill points) - 1000 GM and up


Humanoids usually include any non-human that is common enough to consider feasible. These may include [[]], Chaktawe, and sometimes Isur. More uncommon, Jamoura, Charoda, and Akvatari can be found. Ethaefal are almost always considered extraordinary due to their extreme beauty and extraordinary rarity.

  • Average Humanoid Male (50 skill points, no L2) - 500 GM
  • Average Humanoid Female (50 skill points, no L2) - 550 GM
  • Skill Humanoid Male (50 skill points, 1 @ L2) - 700 GM
  • Skill Humanoid Female (50 skill points, 1 @ L2) - 750 GM
  • Extraordinary Female or Male Humanoid(Extreme beauty, 100 Skill points) - 1500 GM and up


Please inquire about specific types being available in specific regions. Not all Kelvics are available at any given time. Talderian are rarely available if at all. More commonly for sale are deer, mouse, sparrow type Kelvics. Slave prices are listed according to (Small, Medium, Large). Please consult the Help Desk or a Storyteller if there is any question as to what category the kelvic slave might fall into.

  • Predators (400 GM, 600 GM, 800 GM)
  • Birds (400 gm, 600 GM, 800 GM)
  • Hoofed Animals (500 GM, 700 GM, 900 GM)
  • Exotic (600 GM, 800 GM, 1000+ GM)
  • Rodents (200 GM)
  • Talderian (3000+ GM)


Slave owners need to consider what slaves will be doing when thinking about what their cost and what the upkeep on slaves will be. Slaves that are simply there for a purpose that requires no upkeep on hygiene, healthy, or longevity don't need huge expenses on upkeep or purchasing. These might include subjects of experience in magic, anatomy models, or even medical training slaves (for use with practice surgeries, etc). These can be poor quality slaves with poor living expenses paid. Slaves used for labor need to be fed well and kept healthy so that they can work and produce a profit for their owners. These slaves need to be maintained at a common level. Poor level maintenance will often result in wasting muscle tone, poor healthy with susceptibility to disease, and lack of strength for hard labor. However, once a slave becomes a public figure - such as a shopkeeper, pleasure slave, companion - then they must be healthy and maintained in a healthy manner at a common or good living expense. They need to be fit, clean, well-dressed, and healthy. Slaves that are used for guards, gladiators, and protection must be well trained, well maintained, and fed to the level of physical activity they are required to preform. Bruiser type slaves require large caloric intakes and thus must be maintained at good or above. Courtesan or consort types might even be maintained at exquisite levels.


Not all types of PCs or NPCs are available for slavery in all regions. Some races are just not suited for some regions while others are simply too rare to be easily acquired as slaves. For example, a Charoda would not thrive nor perhaps even survive in a desert area on Mizahar away from the sea. Warm desert races, such as Dhani Vipers, would not thrive in cold domains like Avanthal. Please be considerate of race and region when creating slaves.