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RaceKelvic (Wolverine)
Date of birth505 AV (aged 18)
Place of birthSahova
TitleIcewatch Guard
Unarmed Combat32

Physical Description

Short and muscular, Sliver makes up for in aggressive posture what she lacks in height. Her hair is a golden brown and while she always keeps it short, as of late she has taken to wearing it warrior stripe style, sometimes cropped, sometimes grown out so that there is a small ponytail at the back. Her skin is just barely tanned, and scars and tribal tattoos litter her body, proudly displaying the lengths she is willing to go to for her masters. The Kelvic normally dresses in leathers that have slip knots that undo when undergoing transformation, though her clothing style varies depending on the whims of those she serves. No matter what clothes she wears, however, her gaze is always challenging, her face gaunt and often consumed in a wolfish grin. If her general appearance is not enough to unnerve the general passerby, her eyes usually finish off the job, a brown mahogany so dark they appear black in most lighting. Her build, appearance and gaze mark her as dangerous, even if most don’t realize that radiating just beneath the surface of the individual staring them down from the shadowed tavern corner is a wolverine.


Like most any Kelvic, Sliver spends her life in search of an authority figure to satisfy the always present need to serve. She is fiercely loyal to anyone she cares to call companion or confidant, but her nature has made her short lifespan an arduous one when finding those to call by that title. While she will obey any order given to her, the Kelvic has a tendency to be a bit overzealous when following them, and will tend to come up with her own ideas of how to help her master, often getting her into trouble. Because of this, lately she has taken to being a mercenary who will serve anyone willing to feed and pay her just a trifling amount, staying with them for a previously agreed upon amount of time before departing to find another job. Due to the nature of her wolverine side, she tends not to get along well with anyone other than the individual she serves, and when in between jobs she leads a very solitary existence, convincing herself that the only company she needs is that of someone to please and satisfy.


Sahova is not the city one probably considers when raising children, but when you are a Kelvic bound to your master, you make do with what you have. It was in this city of the undead that Sliver was born to two Kelvic parents: mother a dog, father a canary. The family served a young but up and coming mage name Khilo who had come to gain tutelage from some of the undead wizards. While Khilo was unsure of his servant’s coupling presenting a pure Kelvic he was delighted when Sliver first turned.

Her master was not an unkind man, but he had come to Sahova to learn and gain power, and sometimes his frustrations with his studies caused him to relieve his temper upon his servants. When Sliver reached maturity she realized that she had the skill and allure for her master to re-direct his frustrations to a more physical outlet, and the issue of what Khilo would do with a wolverine Kelvic was solved. She became the personal bodyguard and consort of her master, and for almost a year her new role went flawlessly. During this time her father instructed her on how to entertain and please Khilo, while her mother taught her the finer points of being a bodyguard.

This period of time has been the most spiritually peaceful to Sliver, who felt centered and content to be able to use her unique set of skills to please her master, but all things must come to an end, and for a Kelvic, things generally end a good deal faster. It happened when Sliver was attending Khilo’s tutor’s Reacquaintance, serving her usual role upon his arm. Her dark eyes combed the room for any sign of disturbance or threat towards her master, halting upon the approach of one of the other few living beings in the city who had built up quite a magical rivalry with Khilo since his admittance for study here. Sliver cannot recall the words that were traded between the men, but she does vividly remember Khilo’s face getting red, his temper rising, and her own rage at the other man’s nerve. Before the entire collective she transformed, pinning the other mage to the ground, intent to kill. She was stopped, though not before he had been viciously mauled, and that was when her balance with the world was shifted. She was nearly executed for her crimes, but Khilo’s affection for her enabled him to get her pardoned. Of course the condition of this was that she would never return to Sahova again, so with a brief farewell to this life she was thrown out, and began a new one of wandering.