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Snoring Toad

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Image:Scroll2.png Caught my boy with a toad in 'is room last night. Lickin' it, he was. Explained why he was so weepy and ate all those burnt cakes.'
- Unknown
Snoring Toad
Major featuresBright colours, makes snoring noises
AbilitiesRumored to cause drug-induced hallucinations
Most common inSunberth

At about the size of a man's palm, the Snoring Toad is a small but fabulously coloured amphibian. They come in all variety of solid colours, but are most typically purple, blue or yellow. Like most toads, the Snoring Toad hibernates in Winter, and usually does so in some sort of building or structure where it can be shielded from the cold. Their name comes from the recognisable sound they make during hibernation -- they snore. Loudly. Before now, husbands have accused wives (and sometimes vice versa) of having a male lover hidden away somewhere in the family home because of the snoring sounds coming from under the floorboards. It is rumoured that licking a Snoring Toad can result in drug-induced hallucinations and euphoria, though few people beside the youthful are stupid enough to try.