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Sonderalitha Kalanue

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Sonderalitha Kalanue

Sonderalitha Kalanue, Yellow Company, 5th Regiment, Silver Quadron
Date of birth479 AV (aged 44)
Place of birthEyktol
TitleStewart Knight
Guerrilla Tactics55
Gnosis marks

Sonderalitha Kalanue is the current Stewart Knight for the Yellow Company, 5th Regiment, Silver Quadron. She spends about half the year in Syliras training new members of her company and the rest of the time in the field with her company. They can usually be found in Northern Sylira, waging a silent and oft unnoticed war with the The Black Sun.



Sonderalitha is quite typical of her race, with the usual bark-brown skin, straight black hair, and night-dark eyes without whites or pupils. She is no great beauty, too hawkish in features to be called such, but she possesses a strength of character that cannot be mistaken.

Though she is a high-ranking Syliran Knight, it is unusual to actually find her wearing the traditional armor of the order. Most often she is adorned in little more than a long skirt slit up to her hips on either side and a leather bodice with the crest of the Windoak stitched upon it in silver thread and the pins of her rank lined along the left collar. She also wears dozens of black raven feathers and various beads braided into her long, dark hair.

Also prominent is her weapon of choice - a wickedly-sharp cold iron machete hanging naked from her belt, ever-ready to hack through flesh and bone.


Sonderalitha is known far and wide to be one of the least-friendly of the higher ranking Knights. She is tough as nails and has no time or patience for idiocy, and holds the record among the order for having received the most disciplinary reprimands from Loren (and his father before him). The desert leaves no room for weakness, and anyone foolish enough to show such in front of her is likely to be mightily abused as a result.

Despite these rather anti-social drawbacks, she is considered the best guerrilla fighter in the whole of Syliras. It is widely believed that the Knights were unbelievably lucky that she chose to head north to Sylira instead of west to Taloba, for only the war-loving Myrians could hold their own against her. And she knows it, and won't hesitate to tell anyone who dares to question her skill or claim superiority in it. Arrogant, unforgiving, and proud, Sonderalitha is not out to make friends. She wants to do her job, and be the best in the world at it, and so far she has succeeded.


Growing up in the harsh, desert plains of Eyktol, Sonderalitha learned at a young age that weakness of all kinds must be honed out if survival was to be a priority. She was sculpted by the beating sun and frequent territorial battles with the Benshira, and came to womanhood as hard and sharp as the edge of a blade.

At fourteen, she found herself in a furious contention with another member of her tribe, a sly and unconscionable man named Tehalueli, and they spent months waging a silent war against each other. He won, in the end, baiting her and tricking her into attacking him. He managed to escape with his life, but only barely, and her punishment for such actions was banishment from her people. Knowing that her name was too infamous among the Benshira to allow her to seek asylum in Wadrass, she fled further north into Cyprus. She ran astray of the proud Drykas, and her own arrogance and bitterness did not make her welcome among them. As she continued north towards Riverfall, she encountered the tough Akalak as well, and barely managed to escape becoming a bond-slave to them. It was this incident that first introduced her to the Syliran Knights, who appeared as her unlikely rescuers while she was fleeing the bloody and rather enraged Akalak who had been pursuing her through the Sea of Grass. A wing of Knights had been traveling from Endrykas back to their patrol route on the Kabrin Road, and she used her skills of camouflage to hide herself within their camp. When the Akalak passed on and she was discovered by the Sylirans, they offered her safe harbor in their home city.

And so she came to Syliras, bedraggled and without any possessions other than the clothing on her back. The Sergeant of the wing that had saved her, Atriso Baroth, had by that time figured out the sullen and complicated little Chaktawe girl. And so, with a few well placed words and a hint of a challenge, Sonderalitha found herself becoming a squire for little more reason than his dare that she couldn't cut it. He became her Patron, and over the years she has proven him wrong time and time again - and he will gladly admit it, much to her annoyance.

Sonderalitha has two sons and a daughter, all from fathers she has staunchly refused to identify - which has caused much stir among the Knights, most of whom agree they'd rather bed their sword than the dour Chaktawe Stewart. Her eldest son, Djuriahi, is fifteen and squired within the Knights. Mikala'dina, her twelve-year-old daughter, currently serves as a page and is eager to follow her mother's footsteps. Her youngest son, Mealachapat, a highly intelligent though bookish child, seems destined instead for a priestly vocation among Eyris' followers.


Sonderalitha's Appearences
heightIt All Burns DownMealachapat and Djuriahi find themselves threatened