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Atriso Baroth

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Atriso Baroth

Syliran Knight, Leader of the 2nd Regiment, Gold Quadron
Date of birth466 AV (aged 54)
Place of birthSylrias
TitleCaptain Knight of the Syliran Knights

Atriso Baroth is the Captain Knight of the 2nd Regiment, Gold Quadron. He is currently stationed in Syliras.



Atriso is a strikingly handsome man. His face is always clean-shaven, carved from sharp planes and smooth angles. Most distinctive are the striking blue eyes, soulful and deep and telling of a great number of losses suffered. He is tall, with a well-muscled chest and arms though he's lean in the hip.

Since he is stationed in Syliras and mainly serves in a leadership position, it's usual to see him out of his armor. He prefers darker clothing, and often wears a gray sweater with the pins of his office upon his collar and black wool pants. Even so, he is never found without his longsword at his hip.


There are those who say Atriso is a man half-dead, as if part of his soul were cleaved from his body and the rest still mourned the loss of it. He almost never smiles, and there are few who can remember him ever losing his temper. Even so, his soft, low monotone can bring even the most rebellious young knights in check - for there is something intimidating about a man half-dead. He is somewhat softer with his family, sharing quiet affections with his wife and daughter, and still friendly with his siblings and their families. Those who have had the good luck to serve as his page have only the best of things to say of him; he inspires fierce loyalty in those nearest to him, and the desire to make him proud has launched many a knight's career within the order.

Rumors are still whispered of what Atriso was like as a young man, charismatic and fearless, but there are few left alive who remember that far back.


Atriso's history is a sordid tale, and one not often told.

His childhood was idyllic, the son of an escaped slave who settled in Syliras for the protection offered by the Knights. Srindrah Baroth taught his children nothing but reverence for the order, and all three sons and one of his daughters joined the Syliran Knights. His youngest son, Atriso, was a boisterous and enigmatic child who charmed everyone he met, and was known throughout the city as a brash and fun-loving boy.

As a young Knight, he married a healer and started a family with her. When their son Devan was around two years old, the woman began showing signs of madness, claiming that the boy was not her son. Atriso tried his best to help the woman he loved and shield his son at the same time, though his efforts at the former usually came at the cost of the latter. For three years he was able to hold the family together, as his wife's madness quietly escalated and she became convinced that Devan was in fact a demon sent as a curse to their family. One night, she took the child outside the walls - and the guards alerted Atriso of his wife's fleeing. He rushed to the outskirts of the city only to find his wife trying to murder his son, and he did the only thing he could: he slew her in order to protect him.

As he fell to his knees and wept for her death, his son ran frightened into the night. Atriso finally gathered himself and followed in the boy's footsteps, thinking he returned to Syliras, only to find that the guards had seen no trace of him. A frantic search ensued, with several Wings of Knights scouring the countryside in search of any sign of Devan, but the bustle of Syliras proved too much.

Atriso suddenly found himself with a wife dead at his hands and a son lost to the world and not to be found. He was devastated, and spent an inconsolable time mad with grief and convinced of his own fault in what had happened. It was more than a year before he recovered enough to return to his duties, and for the next five years he ate, slept, and breathed the job. His hard work earned him a fast rise through the ranks, until he found himself a Stewart Knight within the Gold Quadron's 2nd Regiment.

It was during this time that he began a quiet friendship with the woman who looked after his quarters in the Second Tier. Jenni was a simple maid, but she held an unwavering faith in Tyveth and through their conversations she helped him to see the truth of his situation - he was not dealing with his grief, had simply pushed it aside. He spent his days climbing his way to the rank of Captain, and his nights in long conversation with her. It was a year before he allowed himself to kiss her, and nearly another before he acknowledged his love for her and took her as a bride. Though he'd healed enough to allow him to love again, he was much changed from the bright, boisterous young man he'd been - aloof and cool, it was a rare thing to see a smile light his face, and infinitely more rare to see it reach his eyes.

Soon after, his daughter Jaelyn was born. From a very young age, he began to train her in the ways of battle, determined that she be able to protect herself and desperate to keep his new family from the same sort of destruction that claimed his own. The girl, striving to live up to her father's example, followed his footsteps and became a squire within the knighthood as well.

Older now, Atriso continues to dedicate himself to serving the Knighthood. His rank allows him a bit of security and a smaller chance of leaving Jenni a widow, but his responsibilities are much greater. Even to this day, though, he mourns the loss of his son and fears for his daughter so deeply that it can sometimes freeze the breath in his throat, though he tries not to reveal that to her.

Atriso's sister, Sera Lizbeth Baroth, is married to Stewart Keln.

Note: Many thanks to Jaeyln and Murmur for the incredibly rich character histories that helped make this character!


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