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Soulmist Projection

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Image:Scroll2.png "It's all good until the knives start flying. Never confront an angry ghost in a kitchen if you value your life."
- Manseia Biggs, Nykan Spiritist

Soulmist Projection, often simply called Soulmisting is an ability of ghosts that allows them to move physical objects in a manner vaguely reminding of the magical art of Projection. This telekinesis is a way to carry, move or throw items around, and at sufficiently high levels even create simple applications of the crafting skills they knew in life. Soulmist, the substance covering the ghost's soul, is consumed in the process, partly burned and partly left on the objects being touched. A Spiritist will be able to identify soulmist leftovers upon an item.

In general, Soulmist Projection is more frequently seen in ghosts than Possession, but still not universal among them, not in the same way as the ability to materialize. Ghosts with this ability usually have a reason for learning it, and tend to be among the most dangerous. Uses range from house vandalism to carrying important items around, and of course revenge. There are anecdotal reports of elder ghosts teaching the skill to more recent ones.

At low levels, Soulmisting can only exercise weak forces and with limited accuracy; as the ghost becomes familiar with the mechanisms, both factors will improve, but as a rule focusing on power will reduce accuracy and the other way around. Also, a more advanced ghost will be able to move multiple objects independently. Perfecting the techniques can require a long time, however the basic hurling of a flower pot from the balcony onto someone's head does not require massive amounts of study.

The ghost focuses on its Soulmist and wills it to activate, latching onto an object. A beginner needs to actually pick up the item with its ghostly form, whereas a better ghost can simply shoot a Soulmist tendril around the item and pull on it. The basic move is the push, which applies a linear force to the target over time. This allows the ghost to carry an item by pushing it up against gravity. The hurl is like the push, except it is instantaneous and applies greater speed. The block stops or steers a moving object. The lash is a violent snap of Soulmist to cut or pierce, and the smear literally covers the item in Soulmist for the highest amount of control at the highest cost. Experienced ghosts use the techniques in combination, for example pushing a knife to aim it at someone before hurling it. Some very advanced ghosts make up their own custom techniques.

A powerful enough ghost may be able to deflect a Souldart launched by Spiritists.

Novice (1-25)
The ghost can perform a basic push on a single item at a short range (the equivalent of someone's arm reach). They need to touch the item with their normal ghostly form. They will get tired after a while and their power is limited, making them unable to lift more than perhaps two pounds of equipment. Accuracy is enough to pick up a piece of charcoal and write letters on a wall, though not in a very legible way.
Competent (26-50)
The ghost can push and hurl, shooting out small tendrils of Soulmist to catch items within a few yards, but they are still limited to one object at a time. Their potential has increased to about five pounds of weight, and they can keep using the skill for a longer time before they have to stop. They are accurate enough to use a tool such as a hammer or a needle in a crude and unrefined way, or to write with a quill.
Expert (51-75)
The ghost can push, hurl and block. By now it is skilled enough to maneuver several objects at once, though its total strength must be divided amongst them. When focusing on a single item, it can lift up to twenty pounds. The ghost can combine several motions on the same item for complex trajectories. It is by now familiar with the ballistics involved in the shooting of projectiles. Its range is enough to cover a fairly large room.
Master (76-100)
A master of Soulmist Projection is a fearsome presence who can strike fear in the hearts of most. It has a weight limit of 100 pounds, though it can even exceed that amount on occasion and at the risk of extreme pain. It has access to the entire arsenal of motions, including push, hurl, block, lash and smear. Often, it will invent its own techniques. Range and accuracy have improved dramatically. The ghost can perform a trade skill with only a small penalty (though it will not normally gain experience at it, as per Ghost rules).

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