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Southern Trading Post

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The Southern Trading Post is located along the southern edge of Lake Ravok. A large, fortified tower on a small hill overlooks to the north, an impressive system of docks where a number of ships are tethered. On the southern side of the hill opposite the docks, exists a small village of sorts. Made up of semi-permanent storage structures and tents, this 'village' is the first step in trade with the city and serves as its main entry point. Nearly all trade goods, as well as would-be visitors, must pass through the trading post before being allowed to the docks. The tower, docks, trade village, and the surrounding land is heavily patrolled by city guards trained and employed by, The Black Sun.

Although there is some amount of trade taking place in and around the trading post, the location mainly serves as a waypoint for merchants and travelers on their way to Ravok. Merchants must check their goods with the guards on duty and await permission to enter the docks and then the city.

Upon passing through the trading post, one will find a small stone path leading up the hill to the tower that oversees the surrounding area. There is no wall or any other structure barring passage to the docks as the tower offers a rather fine view of anyone who may pass by without checking in. Those who attempt this sort of stunt are normally shot dead by the archers watching from the battlements. A large, heavy set of dual wooden doors offer entrance into the tower. Inside, one will find that the ground level is open with stairs leading to the upper levels and another large set of doors leading to the dockside of the tower. There are always six guards on duty within the ground level of the tower with an unknown number stationed in the upper levels.

One of the guards present upon entry to the tower walks over to visitors and requests their name, intention and requires them to check any weapons with the guards on duty. A record of the person's entry is recorded, as are any items they plan to bring through the post. Would-be merchants must await permission from officials in the city to proceed on to the docks and into the city. Such permission could take hours to days depending on the nature of the goods to be transported. Those wishing to enter the city for other things may receive permission to enter once they check in with the guards. Once allowed to do so, one may pass through the other set of doors and descend another stone path down to the docks. A ferry is almost always present to transport people to and from the city.

Once gaining passage aboard a ferry, those entering the city will arrive at the city's main docks. The docks are filled with a variety of small to moderate-sized trading vessels and the boardwalk is lined with warehouses, taverns, and shops of all kinds. From here, visitors may set out into the city by foot or by Ravosala; long, slender boats steered and propelled by long poles.

Common Goods and Services

Although the Trading Post serves primarily as a source of security and inspection, it is possible for one to find goods and services available from merchants waiting to enter the city. Weapons and armor are difficult to attain here although various foodstuffs may be found as the wait to get into the city can sometimes be long. Thus some merchants are willing to sell their perishables rather than let them rot while having to wait. As well, one crafty merchant has even set up a small tavern that caters to those needing a stiff drink while they wait.

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