Location [City Entrance] Southern Trading Post & Lakeshore Linkmap

One has to post here to gain entrance to the city.

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A city floating in the center of a lake, Ravok is a place of dark beauty, romance and culture. Behind it all though is the presence of Rhysol, God of Evil and Betrayal. The city is controlled by The Black Sun, a religious organization devoted to Rhysol. [Lore]

[City Entrance] Southern Trading Post & Lakeshore Linkmap

Postby Abstract on June 18th, 2014, 1:12 pm

The Southern
Trading Post


The Southern Trading Post is located along the southern edge of Lake Ravok. A large, fortified tower on a small hill overlooks to the north, an impressive system of docks where a number of ships are tethered. On the southern side of the hill opposite the docks, exists a small village of sorts. Made up of semi-permanent storage structures and tents, this 'village' is the first step in trade with the city and serves as its main entry point. Nearly all trade goods as well as would-be visitors, must pass through the trading post before being allowed to the docks. The tower, docks, trade village and the surrounding land is heavily patrolled by city guards trained and employed by, The Black Sun.

Although there is some amount of trade taking place in and around the trading post, the location mainly serves as a waypoint for merchants and travelers on their way to Ravok. Merchants must check their goods with the guards on duty and await permission to enter the docks and then the city.

Upon passing through the trading post, one will find a small stone path leading up the hill to the tower that oversees the surrounding area. There is no wall or any other structure barring passage to the docks as the tower offers a rather fine view of anyone who may pass by without checking in. Those who attempt this sort of stunt are normally shot dead by the archers watching from the battlements. A large, heavy set of dual wooden doors offer entrance into the tower. Inside, one will find that the ground level is open with stairs leading to the upper levels and another large set of doors leading to the dock side of the tower. There are always six guards on duty within the ground level of the tower with an unknown number stationed in the upper levels.

One of the guards present upon entry to the tower walks over to visitors and requests their name, intention and requires them to check any weapons with the guards on duty. A record of the person's entry is recorded as is any items they plan to bring through the post. Would-be merchants must await permission from officials in the city to proceed on to the docks and into the city. Such permission could take hours to days depending on the nature of the goods to be transported. Those wishing to enter the city for other things may receive permission to enter once they check in with the guards. Once allowed to do so, one may pass through the other set of doors and descend another stone path down to the docks. A ferry is almost always present to transport people to and from the city.

Once gaining passage aboard a ferry, those entering the city will arrive at the city's main docks. The docks are filled with a variety of small to moderate-sized trading vessels and the boardwalk is lined with warehouses, taverns and shops of all kinds. From here, visitors may set out into the city by foot or by Ravosala; long, slender boats steered and propelled by long poles.

Common Goods and Services of the Southern Trading Post

Although the Trading Post serves primarily as a source of security and inspection, it is possible for one to find goods and services available from merchants waiting to enter the city. Weapons and armor are difficult to attain here although various foodstuffs may be found as the wait to get into the city can sometimes be long. Thus some merchants are willing to sell their perishables rather than let them rot while having to wait. As well, one crafty merchant has even set up a small tavern that caters to those needing a stiff drink while they wait.

Over the seasons, the guarded entrance to Ravok has expanded into a small lakeside village with business and industries all designed to support the floating city.

Malfazar's Beer Hut - Small fringe tavern located outside of the city.
The Bazaar - A small collection of food and fruit stands gathered near the Southern Trading Post.
Elderbay Stables - Travelers can board their horses here while they visit Ravok.
Sheng's Inn and Storage - A place for travelers to rest before voyaging to Ravok.
The Civil Silvas Hospital - A mysterious hospital that holds many secrets. It is protected by wards and glyphs near the entrance.
The Cattail Farms - Farms that, as stated in the name, grow cattails, a staple in the Ravokian diet
The Lilypad Farms - Where another basic food source in Ravok is grown
Kelvic Research Institution (KRI) - A facility used for research into the breeding of kelvics
Calico Lumber Company - A widespread Lumber business
High Spirit's Distillery - Ravok's very own Distillery!
Barton's Wood and Wares - A carpentry and lumber business, with a little smuggling on the side.
The Ravokian Baths - With cold, warm and hot baths, this is the best, and most sociable, place for Ravokians to get clean
Wulfstan Outfitters South - An adventurer's best friend and Ravok's only place to buy outdoor gear.
The Wooden Door Dojo - Ravok's public training facility.

The wildlands around Ravok are home to many mysterious things. Only few ever dare go out alone, however some area are well managed by the Ebonstryfe
The North Ravok Outpost - A secure outpost that aids Ebonstryfe and travelers to get to Ravok. It is a hard six day ride north east of Ravok to reach the outpost -longer (10-14 days) if you have wagons.
Den of the Swamp Birds - This strange bog has drawn adventurers and arrogant young men for ages as they seek to prove themselves against the dangerous fauna which roam here.


Old Trading Post Thread

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The Southern Trading Post [City Entrance]

Postby Scarlet Rose on June 23rd, 2014, 8:42 pm


19th of Summer, 514 AV

Scar didn’t bother to blend in with those around her filtering in and out of the trading post, her red hair made her stand out like a sore thumb so she simply moved with the crowd and held her head high. There weren’t many people ahead of her but still she was anxious and ready to enter the floating city of Ravok. The line moved one more person and she hiked her backpack up on her shoulder as her weight shifted back and forth every chime or two. Perhaps it was her emotions or perhaps the people guards were slow as molasses today but she felt as if by the time she stepped in past the wooden doors that she would already be 19 and her birthday wasn’t for another 5 days.

Several chimes passed before the line moved again and she was next, she could hear the grunt of the guard within asking his monotone questions and making sure he man in front of her didn’t have any weapons. He did. She watched him strip himself of the weapons and then he disappeared up a set of stairs and Scar’s yes followed him. Her path to Ravok led up those stairs and as she waited there she practiced her answers in her head, lies only worked when they encompassed the truth.

“Next!” The guard bellowed practically in her face making her fists tighten and her jaw clench so she didn’t say or do something stupid that would forever ban her from the walls of the city. She hadn’t been paying attention, it was her fault he yelled but that didn’t stop her from frowning deeply at him. With a determined step she entered the tower and offered her pack out to the guard to search. There was nothing of importance in the pack and he tossed it back at her before he spoke again. “Name?”

“Scarlet Rose.”She caught her pack and swung it back over her shoulder waiting as he glanced at her flaming hair and then snorted as if he found her name and hair color amusing though he couldn’t quite find a laugh to escape him. He scribbled on parchment as he spoke without looking at her again “Why are you here?” This is where her words ran smoothly from her lips but they had been carefully chosen long before she arrived at the city. Traveling on the road left a lot of time to over think things. “Visiting family is all.” Short, sweet and barely acknowledged by the Guard as he wrote her answer down and then nodded her towards the steps that led into the upper levels of the tower. When he first hit the first step again the guard bellowed behind her “Next!” She scrambled up the stairs and down the path to the lake, ready to be on the ferry that would take her into the city. She was ready to see if her traveling was worth it.
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The Lakeshore Outpost [City Entrance]

Postby Idalis Winterflame on July 2nd, 2014, 8:15 pm


Day 32, Summer, 514 AV - Afternoon.

They'd gotten there by midday; Idalis, her twin sister Isora, the guide that had escort them through the forest and a small group of people who'd traveled with them - some armed, which'd been a blessing traveling the Wildlands. It'd been a tiring trip, getting up before the break of dawn that day to get to the Ravok Outpost on the lakeshore well before nightfall. They'd taken their horses to the Elderbay Stables as suggested by their guide. Idalis brushed a lock of hair aside and glanced over her shoulder at Isora, walking behind her down towards the large barn. Her hand clenched around her horse's reins when the stallion nickered quietly. "All good, Dimpa." Idalis soothed the horse in her mother tongue, scratching him gently along his neck before tying him to a post. He shook his head and shifted his weight a little. Idalis smiled and caressed him a bit more. She'd grown fond of him during their travel down here and it worried her a little she'd have to leave him behind here for an unknown time. She promised herself to come see him regularly though. They settled their debt with the owner, miss Yune, providing her the right amount of Mizas for their horses to be looked after the rest of the season. After taking all they'd possibly need out of their saddlebags and saying goodbye to both the horses, Idalis and her sister left for the Lakeshore Outpost.

Stepping through the large, heavy set of dual wooden doors of the trading post tower, Idalis looked around curiously until she noticed how one of the six guards who'd walked over to inquire their small group of travelers upon arrival was now eying her. She took a step closer to answer his questions. "My name is Idalis. I came here with my sister, Isora," Idalis gestured towards the girl standing nearby, "and we're here to work for a few seasons at least, gain some money before traveling along, maybe, when we've figured where to go." She shut her mouth then, hoping she hadn't blurted out any stupid thing. She shook her head upon being questioned on whether or not she was carrying any weapons as he went through her backpack. Soon after her name and information was written into the record, she got a nod and clearance to walk ahead, planning to find a place to stay the night and head into the city by ferry in the morning.


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The Lakeshore Outpost [City Entrance]

Postby Isora Winterflame on July 2nd, 2014, 9:06 pm


Day 32, Summer, year 514 - Afternoon

Isora looked deeply into the big, brown eyes surrounded by long, soft eyelashes. She was going to miss them, those eyes. They had been a light in the dark for 16 months. Carefully, she planted a kiss on the stallion's muzzle and smiled slightly as he pulled his head up, showing her that he didn't want to get any kisses right now; she knew how eager he was to get inside that stable to rest his tired legs.

She looked over her shoulder as their moment got interrupted by Miss Yuna. Deeply inside, she hated to leave Valano here, but she wanted to come and check on him once in a while. Maybe take him out for a ride if she got the time. She watched how her sister, Idalis, paid Miss Yuna and let her hand dig into her pockets to find mizas to pay for Valano's stay.

As they walked away from the stables, she sighed slightly, hoping that their choice to stay in Ravok for the season was the right move to make. They needed money - but more importantly, they needed fun. She hoped that they could let loose a little the first couple of days before everything would become serious again. Isora really needed that.

The trading post tower was impressive to watch; the tower itself and everything surrounding it. She laid her eyes on the guard who was questioning Idalis, swallowing slightly as another guard beckoned her to come up to him. ''My name is Isora. I wish to live and work here for the season.'', she honestly replied. She had no bad intentions. She swallowed again and studied the guard as he kept asking her questions and went through her inventory. She didn't like them, those guards. Not that she had anything to hide, but all the questions made her feel like she had done something she shouldn't have. But she remained calm and even managed to send a friendly smile in the guard's direction before she stepped inside the city and teasingly poked her sister. ''Grumpy men, huh?'' she laughed softly as her eyes started to wander off, searching for a path to follow. She inhaled the air of Ravok deeply. The fun was about to begin.


More to come.

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The Lakeshore Outpost [City Entrance]

Postby Coryphee on August 10th, 2014, 12:13 pm

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The Lakeshore Outpost [City Entrance]

Postby Annalisa Marin on September 1st, 2014, 12:06 pm

28th of Fall, 514 AV

It was dawn when Annalisa finally laid eyes upon Ravok, though it was a dawn she was unlikely to forget for as long as she lived. The tall woman’s clothing was tattered and torn, her ragged cowl pulled over her head. Her clothing was made up of a weathered and stained shirt, pants, and boots worn down to the sole. Wrapped around her right ring finger was a silver ring, its sigil that of a burning scroll and rubies in it glinting in the sun. It was force of habit that bade her to continue wearing the item; otherwise she might well have tossed it into the sea long ago for the memories that came with it.

All of the misery of travel melted away when she gazed upon the lake before her, beyond the outpost on the shore. Her marks of Chaon resonated within her, tugging at her senses. Home. That was what they were telling her this was, a true home where her faith was not only accepted but glorified. She led her horse along towards the tower, an armed guard on duty there seeming to check over travelers as they entered the city. The tall woman moved in that direction, stopping before the man and letting down her cowl to gaze at him with white and grey eyes.

Whatever he had been about to say died on his lips, his own eyes widening slightly at the favored of Rhysol before him. The sorceress smirked softly, wondering how often such a person would simply come along to the city from lands unknown. Really though, aside from her marks, she was no one of import in this city. That was something that she was going to need to seek change on, though first things first. Getting into the city would be nice.

“How can I help you miss?” The guard asked, his tone carefully respectful.

“Just checking in for the first time. I am a foreigner to Ravok, I’ve been on a pilgrimage to here for some time now.” The sorceress offered.

“Oh. Well, um, name and items carried?” He responded, his brow arching at that particular answer.

“Annalisa Marin. As for items, standard fare really. Mostly supplies for the road, clothing, and weapons.” She answered.

The guard set about doing a light search of her saddlebags, humming and hawing to himself as he shifted through her things. Her words were true… to a point. She was also carrying a couple of magical items with her, though it was unlikely searching for those was standard procedure. This was not Sahova, she reminded herself, and magic was going to be far more difficult to come by and likely rather rare. The same held true for magic users, which was a blessing and a curse most likely.

“Everything seems in order. You are free to pass through.” The guard said.

“Excellent, may I inquire where I might find lodgings?” Anna inquired.

“Tarsin’s Boarding House offers room and board to travelers, that would be the place to go.” He answered.

Anna nodded her thanks and set off into the outpost proper, a smile set upon her face as she looked out towards the city in the lake. She was free. She was really and truly free of the shackles Sahova had tried to place upon her. Rhysol had led her to this place, had guided her in her darkest moment towards Him. The sorceress would repay that debt if it took every breath she would ever take.
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The Lakeshore Outpost [City Entrance]

Postby Hadyn Skellig on September 9th, 2014, 3:22 pm

50th of Fall
514 AV

The dog spotted it first, his great head lifting with perked ears as he lead the way for the three weary humans trailing him with considerably less enthusiasm. The Quarni Wolfhound's tail illustrated his excitement as he turned in haphazard circles waiting for his mistress. Once he realized the woman would not share in his glee the beast plopped his narrow behind in the dirt and waited patiently, though the look in his rust colored eyes suggested he was disappointed to be the only one even remotely happy.

The woman's dark eyes narrowed as she crested the hill, her hand resting beneath the horse's noseband to encourage him forward. Their tiny covered cart creaked as they came to a stop just short of the dog, an auditory expression of joint exhaustion. There were lights burning in the handful of buildings sprawled below them. Opposite stood a great tower, its battlements lined with guards. Ravok's fabled trading post.

"Are we there?" a small groggy voice issued from the darkness of the covered wagon, a definitive whine settling into the question. Hadyn stroked the horse's cheek as the wolfhound turned, seemingly imploring the answer to the same question.

"Yes," the weaponsmith answered quietly. "We are at the edge of the city."

Silence was her response, the child lost in the darkness behind her either accepting the answer or pouting. But the girl knew better than to complain or challenge the woman. Nodding to Kepp the brunette encouraged the tired and irritated horse to follow in the dog's wake as he trotted down the length of the small hill and climbed the second to arrive at the tower. Sitting beside his mistress the wolfhound looked up at her in the dim light as they waited to be greeted. Her expression, though fatigued, was guarded. Without much haste they were met by a guard of the city approaching them with a torch, though there was still a sliver of sunlight to be had.

"Greetings," he began, halting an appropriate distance from the woman. "Your name, my lady?"

"Hadyn Skellig,"
the brunette replied calmly. She'd seen this exchange at the gates of Syliras enough times to be familiar with protocol. He inquired a second time, this time for her intentions to enter the city and the number of her party. "To visit family," she answered at length. "There is only myself and two children," she nodded vaguely to the covered wagon behind her. "The horse and dog."

"Very well."
The man nodded with a glance over his shoulder. "The ferry does not leave until morning. You will need to wait the night." The woman canted her head expectantly so he continued. "I'll need to check any weapons you may have on you."

"Of course."

"Will you sleep in your wagon?"


"Very good. Return here in the morning, check your weapons and we will get you on the first ferry. But,"
he hesitated, eyeing the horse before offering her a small smile. "There are no horses in the floating city, as I'm sure you know."

"I suspect I'll have to sell him,"
the brunette acknowledged with another stroke to the chestnut's jaw.

"No. The Elderbay Stables," he paused to point out the darkened structure, "will house your mount for your stay. Five silvers a day. Masala will see to it that the horse is well looked after."

"And my wagon?"

"You can sell it. But I wouldn't be surprised if Masala would keep it for an extra fee."

"Thank you."
Hadyn turned to lead the horse and wagon away, responding to the guard's farewell with a single wave as they descended the hill. Once out of earshot of the tower the woman released a sigh. One more night in the wagon. As they rumbled and creaked slowly into the field, for Hadyn would not bed down so near to the outpost, a voice came forth again from the depths of their makeshift home.

"Are we in the city?"

"No," Hadyn answered as she halted the horse and began untacking him. The chestnut dropped his head to graze while she fitted the wooden blocks beneath the traces to keep the wagon level. Undoing the buckles she freed the horse of his burden. After many nights of a similar routine Hadyn knew he would not go far and opted not to hobble him. Coming round the side of their makeshift home with his sweaty tack she hung it on the back of the narrow wagon. A blonde head peeked out from its abyss, blue eyes staring at the woman as she made camp.

"May I eat the rest of the bread?" her voice was small, hollow. Brown eyes met her blue with equal exhaustion.

"Yes, Emily." Without another word the girl disappeared into the wagon. Within Hadyn heard the stirring of her son, aware that he too was likely ready for a meal. One more night, she told herself. Then they can enter a real city and at least sleep on a real bed. Their purpose for being in Ravok was hazy at best. But now that they'd arrived the woman allowed herself a relieved sigh. They'd nearly crossed the finish line.

51st of Fall
7th Bell
514 AV

The next morning saw the group at the doorstep of the tower, the sun's rays barely peeking over the eastern horizon as a different guard met them. Hadyn spent a large portion of the night packing their pathetic excuse for belongings to make the transfer to the ship easier. On her back a blue eyed baby boy sat strapped, his smile the only one among the three travelers. At her side stood the young blonde girl, her expression suggesting a temper tantrum was in the near future.

"Mornin' missus."

"The weapons are here but,"
the brunette paused, brow furrowed. "I am a weaponsmith by trade. This set here," she indicated to an ornate group of blades arranged on a bolt of leather, "is for display purposes only. To show my capabilities."

The guard nodded absentmindedly, purveying over the weapons. With a shrug he collected her other functional weapons and they exchanged necessary information. He showed her where the stables were located and where to wait on the ferry.

"Should be here in half a bell," the guard explained as she nodded thanks. It took nearly half the bell to settle on payment for the horse and wagon at Elderbay Stables. But Hadyn was confident she would not be spending more than a season on the floating city and Marsala was accommodating with leaving the wagon. Once they were squared away the weaponsmith lead the dog and child to the dock to wait on the ferry.

"Dad said he'd be here, right?"

"I don't know, Emily,"
Hadyn replied stiffly, her gaze on the approaching vessel. "He told us to come to Ravok. And here we are."

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The Lakeshore Outpost [City Entrance]

Postby Xii on March 14th, 2015, 8:28 pm

1st of Spring, 515 AV

The exhausted caravan had dropped her off here at this tower place, and she was more than satisfied to see them wander a ways off to start unpacking their things. The Zithling hadn't been alone for more than a season, every day the traders lording over her, talking to her, telling her what to do, watching her every move, and the one... had been worse than the rest. Just thinking about it caused her lip to pull into a sneer; her true face remained blank.

The Zith girl muttered under her breath at the caravan in general ~"May your wares be of poor quality and bring in poorer coin"~ and, to the one in particular ~"May you find no easy rest or place to lay." Then she took her horse by the nose and led it with her toward the tower doors.

A man lingered in the doorway, and she could sense his distaste towards her as soon as she appeared. She answered with her own. They held a brief conversation, him telling her the rules while Xii stood silently accepting them, but annoyed by the fact that she would have to check her weapons and leave her horse here, outside the city and her own careful watch. She nodded her head at the man rather than offering vocal thanks, and then turned and brought the horse to the stables.

Though the woman at this next place of business looked skeptical, all Xii had to do was produce a coin purse and she warmed up. They agreed on board for Thisbe for the length of the Spring season. Before parting with the horse, Xii took her by the head and gazed sharply into her eyes. "Be good," she warned in a low voice, signing threat, behave with one hand. Then, as a stable boy led the creature away, Xii watched, frowning. She didn't want Thisbe to be ruined by pampering in these stables; she wanted the horse to remain docile to her owner. Thisbe had always displayed a respectful fear of Xii, performing most orders without resistance, and the Zithling wanted that to remain as it was.

With the horse taken care of, Xii crossed back to the tower, this time going within. A man, different from the first, approached her, asking her name and and intentions. She told him that she was called Xii, and that she had come to the city to better know Rhysol. This, at least, seemed to please him in a way she had not before, though not by much. He checked over her shortbow and belongings, which she resented as much as she originally thought she would, and a bit more. A record was made of her things. She was allowed to pass on through; she gave him a mocking little bow as she took her leave.

The small girl followed along a short stone path, pretty much ignoring and avoiding everyone else who happened to be around, and came to some docks. Here she drew up short, staring out at the immensity of the lake. A ferryman waved his hand impatiently at her, and Xii immediately climbed aboard with a scowl, taking a place as far away from the other passengers as possible.

The boat ride to the city was neither pleasant nor unpleasant. Xii found she liked the feel of the wind and spray on her face and tugging at her hair... but not the slapping of the boat against the surface of the water. It was a long, long ride, and Xii spent it sitting quietly by herself, alertly staring out in the direction they were headed so that she might lay eyes upon the splendor of Rhysol's home and her own new city.
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The Lakeshore Outpost [City Entrance]

Postby Lashander on June 20th, 2015, 2:31 pm

4th Day of Summer 515 AV

He'd come in the wrong way. That was about all that was remarkable about the man, ignoring the fact that he was so very obviously looking for trouble. For the most part, merchants came from outside the city, bearing wares. He, he came from inside the city and bore arms and armor.

Lashander wasn't an imposing man by any stretch of the imagination. Most of the arrivals didn't even notice him and so he had to resort to elbowing his way through the milling crowd, and shouldering past people going the other way and at one point even pushing a burly man from him with the blunt end of his glaive. The teamster gave him a dirty look, but Lash just grinned. He grinned and turned the glaive around, showing off the leather sheath covering its blade. He didn't need to speak. Yes, certainly, there were guards, but none of them would be there in time.

However, Lash had more important things to do. He was looking for a peculiar cart in this caravan, one he couldn't miss. It was huge and the brightest blue you could paint on old wood and studded with brass like a travelling night sky. But a dozen shoulders and elbows later, Lash had reached the end of the throng, the tattered trail of the poorest merchants, without pack animals or carts, just the things on their backs. No dark blue cart, no rolling night sky, just clouds of trail dust following the caravan, soon to be blown away by the closing gate.

"You there!" Lash stopped the last merchant to have come through the gate, his left hand on the old man's shoulder. The bones poked into his palm even through his gloves and the old man's coat. "I'm looking for Ebdon's cart. Was it not part of this caravan? Dark blue, studded with brazen stars? You couldn't have missed it." In response, the old merchant just stared at Lash, then slowly shook his head.

"But you do know who I'm talking about?" Lash's voice grew in volume with every syllable, but the old man just kept staring. Eventually, slowly, as only a frail old man might, he unslung the big bag from his shoulder, set it on the ground and unwound the closure. Lashander regarded him with an undecided mix of curiosity, impatience and sheer disdain. Just his luck to speak to the one merchant whose tongue had shrivelled up on the trip from Nyka.

Ignorant of or unconcerned by the steady sound of Lash's teeth grinding against each other, the old trader simply proceded to point at the wares in his bag (which seemed to consist of smaller bags dyed a brownish red or green and filled with whatever the old man was peddling) then held out an open hand. Lash huffed, but at this point he was getting desperate. He'd invested pretty much all of his disposable funds for, well, the rest of the year in Ebdon's venture, and when his cart would come in, full of Nykan finery, he'd be set for several years. When. If.

Resigning, Lash counted three silvers into the old man's palm. It remained open. Curiously, the young man scanned the wrinkled, weathered face of the merchant, but there was still not the hint of any emotion. Not even the amount of constipation Lash would expect out of the dried-up old wretch. So he gave him another silver-rimmed Miza. And another one. By the time the old one closed his fingers, Lashander had a running bet with himself whether the shrivelled hand would fall off from the weight of the coins before the old one spoke. When the hand did close, a dozen silver Mizas lay in it. The man with the glaive hoped the trader would have valuable information for him, else the weapon might just have to speak for him.

"I know whom you speak of." the old one finally wheezed. "Know Ebdon and his rolling whorehouse of a cart I do. He was in Nyka when I was there, but he left for Zeltiva, two or three days before our caravan left for Ravok."

At first, Lash blinked. Then he gripped his glaive tighter. He meant to speak, but if what the old man said was true, then Ebdon would not be returning to Ravok in this lifetime... and if he ever did that lifetime might as well be over. Anger welled up in his throat and blocked it so no words could come out. Meanwhile, the merchant just moved on, trying to push one of the pouches from his bag in Lash's clenched hand but settling for shoving it in his coat when the hand didn't open. As he trotted off, Lash finally found some calm in the storm of emotions whirling up inside him. He clung onto it, cooled down, but when he moved to speak the old man was gone.

What to do now, he wondered. Ebdon might have family in the city who could be held accountable. It was unlikely, but at the very least Lash knew. Which put him a step ahead of all the other investors in getting his due. And since he was probably also the investor with the most gambling debts, he could really use that money if it found its way back to him one way or another.

For now, he needed to get back to the ferry before that caravan managed to board it. As he walked, he blindly felt the pouch the old man had given him and wondered what a dozen silvers had gotten him. Probably a funny hat. Did they make funny hats in Nyka?

His mind was unravelling. There was no way he could concentrate, especially this early in the day. He needed a drink. Get back to Ravok, get a drink, find out if Ebdon had a permanent residence or a family or business partners. Something he could squeeze money out of.

But first that drink.
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The Lakeshore Outpost [City Entrance]

Postby Kalla Whitevine on June 23rd, 2015, 6:29 am

1st Day of Summer, 515 A.V.

Kalla waved cheerfully to the caravan as it left before turning around and letting out a puff of air. This was it. Her thoughts and feeling were a mixture, her eyes reflecting that mix with silver and violet mingling in different moments every moment. She was nervous and excited and happy to be away for once...but she was mostly nervous. The Vantha had never been outside of Avanthal after all, but it couldn't be that bad. She would survive.

At least, she figured chances were good that she would. What was the worse that could happen?

She bit on her lip as she glanced around to the others waiting in the long line. People seemed to come from all different walks of life. There were merchants, some rugged looking travelers, some lost looking travelers, some wide eyed children... Really, there was a mix of everything and that made her feel happy. Her gaze followed a small blonde boy weaving in and out of the line, a hint of concern on her features as she watched. Was he lost? Kalla opened her mouth to say something but promptly shut it, her eyes widening as she watched the boy reach his little hand into someone's bag before running to the back of the line. She looked around frantically, to see if anyone else had seen that but...it appeared they hadn't. Either they hadn't or they didn't care. Was what she heard about this city true?

"Name and reason for visiting Ravok," a gruff voice stated, pulling Kalla from her thoughts.

She gave the guard a bright smile before, "Kallalyn Whitevine, at your service. I just had to come see the wonder that is Ravok. I've heard plenty about this city that just piqued my curiosity." She wasn't certain, as it was hard to tell with these one eye colored people, but she thought there was a flash of pride in the guard's eyes. He didn't say anything else, only wrote down her information, nudging her to the next guard who was to check her bag. She didn't really have much of note, only owning one thing she didn't want to lose. Though likely she should get a weapon of sorts soon. Better safe than sorry.

Once the guard gave her the go ahead, she smiled once more and followed the crowd, clutching her backpack to her chest. She was simply not going to allow anyone to steal her things. She could manage that much. Though she knew she also would need to worry about a job, a house, and probably citizenship since she was mostly certain slavery was legal here. Kalla really had no interested in being owned by anyone....

The woman's eyes widen as she spots the ferry at the docks. This really was it. She was going to start off into Ravok, start off her travel. After taking a deep breath, she hurried on down to the ship, ready to see the real part of the city.
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