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RaceDhani Constrictor
Date of birth367 AV (aged 156)
Place of birthFalyndar
Unarmed Combat57
Wilderness Survival30


Ssayashayani is a constrictor Dhani. Her snake form is that of a Diamond Python. Yellow with almost a green shade, forms several patterns down her brown sides. (See picture) Thirty-three feet in length, Ssayashayani is long enough to wrap around an average human ten times. In her Dhani form, she is twenty feet long. Her arms are very muscular and she is four times stronger than a human. The human form is six foot one and stocky. Black hair seems to carry over the coloring of her scales. Black and green hair is rolled to create round pieces that fall to shoulder length. Occasionally, to make herself prettier, she puts red into her dreadlocks. Slitted green eyes are observant and constantly watching. Speech is slow and S's replace the letters of F and T. In her snake and Dhani form, she has night vision and heightened senses.


Ssayashayani is known for her temper that explodes unexpectedly. There has been no pattern to the outbursts. Loud and snappy, she tends to come off as intimidating. Her stomach is bottomless and she has been known to be easily bribed by food. Being tricked is one of the things Ssayashayani hates most. Children are nothing more than a measly snack, though she tries to restrain herself. Other races are inferior but useful. When a promise is made, a promise is kept. Losing is not enjoyable aspect and she will do everything besides cheat to win. Ssayashayani dislikes authority and will try to find a way around their rules, but she will not outright break a law at the risk of her own life.


Born to Zinrah, Ssayashayani was not well liked by anyone of the constrictor family, nor the other sub-races. Her attitude toward others, and partly the temper, created many enemies. One, a constrictor called Ninvisor, claimed he would be the death of her. Literally. This was because he found out she did not worship the god Siku, but instead Caiyha. To save her own life, she fled from Zinrah in search of safety. Along the way, she began to learn how to defend herself… In case he ever caught up. Somewhere, her wish to flee changed to finding herself a worthy wrestling partner. The search sent her to the Spires and the Jamoura. As long as Ssayashayani did not eat anyone, she could stay. Ssayashayani is part of the Hahk'Shatara and teaches them wrestling skills.