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Stone/Rainbow Rose

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Image:Scroll2.png That Bertha's like a Stone Rose: plain as Hai. But 'er sister? Now 'er sister is a Rainbow if I've ever saw one. Which I 'aven't.
- Unknown
Stone/Rainbow Rose
FrequencyCommon (Stone Rose) Rare (Rainbow Rose)
Major featuresStrong roots, occasionally grows rainbow rose
AbilitiesCan be used for Perfume (lvl 3 Herbalism)
Most common inSunberth

Stone Roses are by far one of the most common flowers to be seen around Sunberth. They are a climbing plant, meaning that they grow vertically up vines, canes and (most commonly) stone walls. Their roots are incredibly strong, somewhat like ivy, and thus can cause great amounts of damage to the structure of a building. The fragrance of a Stone Rose is as disappointing as the plain grey colour of its petals; it smells of nothing but mild damp.

However, there is a reason that this bad-smelling, building-wrecking plant is tolerated in Sunberth. Everyone so often, and indeed incredibly rarely, a Stone Rose plant will flower a single rose so utterly unlike the usual Stone Rose that it is something of a miracle that they come from the same plant. The Rainbow Rose has multicolored petals and smells so sweet that it breaks through the usual stench of Sunberth. Rainbow Roses are desired by almost everyone, and even the hardiest of thugs can be found gawping at the beauty of this flower. There is perhaps one or two Rainbow Roses grown every two years in Sunberth, and any attempt to grow an entire plant of these flowers has been unsuccessful, resulting in just yet another boring Stone Rose plant. Rainbow Roses are highly sought after by lovesick individuals, herbalists and perfumers alike.