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Stunning Opal Dagger

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Background, Appearance and Abilities

This dagger is crafted from a special Mele activated Opal Gemstone. It has the same ability of its Semele blessed stone - it reflects Reimancy Attacks and can stun Reimancers into immobility.

The blade is formed of one solid mele opal while the hilt is made from a solid piece of stag horn. Unbreakable and magical, this item - when held out and used as a shield - can reflect a reimancy attack back at its mage of origin protecting anyone using it and those standing behind them. Also, when plunged into a reimancer, it can completely stun the mage to the point of immobility until the item is withdrawn from the mage's body. It wounds as if it were a normal average grade common dagger, and wounds made with this dagger - depending on the skill of its wielder of course - will heal as if they are wounds acquired by a normal weapon.

Its stunning ability can be used once per day. It's reflective ability can be used once per day. It will not reflect attacks of any other forms of magic and will not stun any other types of mages.


Stunning Opal Dagger
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