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Date of birth483 AV (aged 40)
Place of birthAkvatar

Suequorti is relatively young by Akvatari standards, at a mere 29 years old. She serves as head priestess in the Temple. She had a most unusual arrival into Spires. Her and her lover, Yubgardn were touring the forests of Taldera, happy and in love. She was inspecting a particularly beautiful, flowering vine on the side of a massive, Bloodwood tree. Her mate was painting her portrait as she studied the plant. A screech filled the air, and the pair found themselves being chased by Zith. They wove through the trees, until her partner was captured, falling to the forest floor below. She was still being chased, until she suddenly found herself in a city in the trees. A Zith slashed her wing and she fell spiraling, crashing into the Temple of Caiyha. The Zith were quickly attacked and subdued by the Hahk'Shatara. Suequorti found herself at the feet of Caiyha herself. Caiyha took pity on the godless woman, and healed her, for having been attacked in a city that was meant to be safe. From that day, Suequorti devoted her life to Caiyha and preserving the forests around The Spires, and before long, became a priestess. To this day, she teaches disciples and tends to the unique flora and fauna that exist in the temple.

Additional Information

Suequorti is a Priestess of Caihya's Temple