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Sultros Clan

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Sultros Clan

Sultros Clan: Divine Blood
Height5' both male and female
WeightMales: 200-250lbs, Females: 150-200lbs
Lifespan200 years
Major featuresPale blue skin veined in silver, reddish colored, metallic/gemstone arms
AbilitiesNightvision, dense flesh and bone, innate crafting ability
PopulationAround 6,000
Most common inPrimarily in the mountains of Kalea, Sultros Clan Citadel
ReputationLeaders, architects, builders
Racial godsIzurdin, God of Strength, Patience and Industry

The Sultros Clan is considered the ruling clan of the Isur; the one carrying divine blood. They carry themselves as noble and commanding and are expert engineers and architects. They are responsible for the majority of the construction of the city of Sultros. They lead the remains of the Isur nation from that city. Due to their nature, they are often found in positions of influence and leadership. The Lord of the Sultros clan is also the King of the Isur. It is this clan that has given rise to the impression that all Isur are quite egotistical. In fact, many a Sultros Isur see themselves as being above all others not of Sultros blood; even other Isur. This can create no small amount of friction among the other clans.



While the Sultros clan has always ruled the Kingdom of the Isur, the Valterrian sealed their position as the leaders of the clan. King Sultros survived the destruction of the old city of Izurith and led his remaining people to the only place he felt they could find safety in, the mountains. Though far from being a safe refuge from the Valterrian, the mountains were their best hope as the rest of the land was engulfed in fire and uncontrolled Djed. The pre-existing mountain peaks of the Kitrean Mountains held up surprisingly well while the land around them split and new mountains came into existence. It was after a grueling journey to the old mountains and after greater losses of life due to hunger, injury and the violent twisting of the land around them, that King Sultros finally found safety for his people in isolated peaks of the Kitreans.

When the destructive forces calmed and the dust began to settle, the Isur remained in the mountains. As more time passed, a new city was built, Sultros, named after the king who led the survivors to safety. Built inside what became known as, Mt. Izurith, Sultros was far from the grand creation that Izurith was before it although it held just as much significance in the hearts and minds of the surviving Isur. On top of Mt. Izurith, a large, formidable citadel was constructed to create some connection with the outside world although unlike before, this connection was not as welcoming. The citadel was built as a symbol of strength and endurance, a symbol of the Isur’s defiance against any who would attempt to bring them down. They saw the Valterrian as an attempt by the enemies of their lord, Izurdin, to destroy his children. Because of this, the demeanor of the Isur changed from one of openness to that of a cold, withdrawn people. They now see themselves as a civilization scorned by the outside world and betrayed by the gods, save for their lord, Izurdin who they praise with renewed faith and love for having delivered them from annihilation.

While King Sultros was key in keeping his race from collapsing upon itself, many members of the Sultros clan worked to maintain order in the midst of chaos. Their unwavering strength, patience and unrivaled leadership in all levels of society, ensured that the Isur would remain a powerful force upon Mizahar.

Vital Statistics

Physical Appearance

Like the rest of their race, Sultros Isur tend to be rather short, tallest of five feet. They are very fit with a muscular build that makes them more imposing that their height would otherwise dictate. Males weigh between 200 and 250 pounds with females weighing between 150 to 200 pounds. Their skin is very dense as is their bones making them heavier than their stature would otherwise dictate. Their skin carries a slight blue tint with raised silver veins running across it. Like all Isur, those of the Sultros clan keep their hair short and those with longer hair almost always tie it back.

The Sultros arm, left for males, right for females, is denser in skin and bone than the rest of their body and is colored some variation of red. Appearing as red gemstone or metal streaked with silver veins, these arms are divine in origin as they are in themselves, the first gnosis mark of Izurdin. Dense enough and baring an iron grip, their hand and arm is capable of shaping metal and carving stone and wood. Like other Isur, when faced with physical combat, Sultros Isur often use their arms as shields in combat and have been known to grab bare blades without suffering harm. Because their arms are the color of blood, the Sultros Isur claim it as proof of their divine ties to Izurdin and thus their right to rule the Kingdom.

Traits, Outlook and Values, Etc.

While sharing traits common to all Isur, those of the Sultros clan are somewhat more open than their kin though their arrogance seeps into every aspect of their being. Of all Isur, the Sultros are more likely to accept non-isur as comrades though still not as equals. Architects by nature, the Sultros are unparalleled designers and builders. The grand structures of the Kingdom almost always have a Sultros architect or builder involved in their construction. From an early age, Sultros Isur learn the core concepts of leadership. While not every Sultros member takes this training to a fully applicable level, they all have a natural feel for it and tend to gravitate to leadership positions within society.

General everyday life of Sultros Isur involves at least some example of design, construction or display of leadership. Sultros Isur enjoy debate and will not shy away from constructive debates on all manner of topic. Often, these debates lead to a test of strength where the winner of that test also wins the debate. Depending on the occupation or position the Sultros Isur holds within society, their days may be spent in meetings, mercantile transactions or similar functions.

The Sultros Clan while most certainly religious and spiritual people, they seldom hold marks from any deity save for Izurdin. Seeing themselves as being of His blood, most would not think of soiling their bodies and blood with the marks of any other divine being. Most Sultros Isur however maintain two marks of Izurdin though few have greater as their focus is primarily on the earthly leadership of the various levels of Isurian society. As leaders, they leave the duties of religious guidance to the Vizerian Clan.