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Sunberth Rat

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Image:Scroll2.png Yer never further than 2 foot away from a Brat in the 'Berth
- Unknown
Sunberth Rat
FrequencyExtremely Common
Major featurescommon, large rats
AbilitiesBiting, carries disease
Most common inSunberth

The Sunberth Rat (nicknamed 'The Brat') is something of a mascot for the people of Sunberth. The rodent is thought to have originally inhabited the mines nearby the city centre but has since flourished in Sunberth proper. The average size of a Brat is slightly larger than that of a domestic feline, though they are known to grow even larger. Incredibly intelligent, these tail-less rodents can be found almost anywhere in the city, though they are nocturnal by nature and seemingly disappear during Syna's reign. They have a nasty bite, and have historically been blamed for many a plague that has thwarted Sunberth in the past. This, however, does not stop certain individuals from keeping Brats as pets, and indeed a certain gang uses these animals to ferry drugs across the city.