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Supervisor is the name usually given to a very advanced golem in charge of an entire location or facility and embedded into it. Having no moveable body to speak of, the Supervisor in a way becomes the location itself, and is usually in control of the area, for example managing access to various sections, answering queries and monitoring the activity taking place within. The Supervisor may also be endowed with defensive capabilities that it can use to fight off a hostile invader. Supervisors are masterpieces of Animation that were quite rare even before the Valterrian; even more so in current Mizahar.


Supervisors are a relatively new concept developed around three centuries before the Valterrian in the magically advanced Empire of Alahea. It was noticed that golems were becoming increasingly skilled at solving common problems, but their ability to relocate from one place to another was still limited. The idea of stretching a golem's consciousness to encompass a whole location - usually a magical research facility - led to the first Supervisor prototype, One. One was still very much an automaton, unable to perform independent thought and only capable of responding to orders from a wizard, but its creation was considered a success and repeated at various sites across Alahea.

The next step, evolving the Supervisor to a higher level of intellect that could be a match for a human mind or better, was a challenge that required over 150 years to overcome. Even before the Valterrian, older automata like One were still being used due to the difficulty and expenses in creating the kind of magical intelligence that the Alahean wizards envisioned. Only four of the new and enhanced Supervisors were ever made. Each was given a name starting with a progressive letter of the alphabet.

Of these, Albrecht and Baird were given gender-less personalities, Caliman was "male" and Drainira "female".